Looks like around 3.5 million Series S|X consoles sold so far


What we know is that they sold all they had produced according to Spencer, meaning they couldn’t have sold more in all cases.


Oh yeah, MS has been trying to increase supply from AMD but with two next-gen consoles launching, plus demand from other industries, supply from AMD is going to be an issue for a while. All things considered, around 3.5M isn’t bad at all.

So they manufactured significantly less than Xbone, however sold more because Xbone was sitting in the shelves on many countries.

That’s a very positive thing I guess, though could have been even better had they produced more

It’s pretty good even considering Sony’s numbers.


It’s interesting that MS started later. I thought the consensus online was he opposite. Is Sony is at 4.5mil they will fall way short of their 11mil target through end of March I bet. Ignoring targets though, those are both really solid numbers.


Yeah apparently MS started production later to wait for the full RDNA 2 set.


I wouldn’t consider ZhugeEx a reliable source.

Lol why?

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Because he’s unreliable.

Wish we knew exactly what they meant by that in some detail.

Really sucks that MS couldn’t get more stock into their biggest market NA. These HW shortages truly suck and really take the excitement away from a New Gen.

Maybe some hardware implementation. I don’t really know, just that MS said that before launch.

Well, the pandemy is a good reason.

Do we know if Xbox Series S is easier, faster to manufacture or does it needs the same parts as Series X ?

It could be that Xbox wildcard to get through this year.

Lmao hes the most reliable insider out there, get out of here.



Would’ve been nice if one of those 3.5 million had made it into my shopping basket but whatever…


Seems like both consoles are going be hard to find for the better part of this year.

This is why there’s a silver lining to the delay of a game like Halo Infinite. The heavy hitters will start to trickle out once we (hopefully) see the hardware more available for the masses. They can really market it this holiday to drive sales if the supply issue has eased up a bit.


That very good considering we are still in a pandemic and are Supply constraints.


Seem like a good result. I feel like Xbox One was never difficult to aquire.