LG OLED C9 for Xbox Series X

I have the LG C9 currently…it’s a fantastic TV…was just curious will this tv support all the next gen features for my xbox series X ?..

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Yep, pretty much. Not 100% sure about vrr upt to 120fps, but seriously I expect this to be useful very rarely

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Yeah, you are good to go. The only upgrade for you would be the CX. Here is a full comparison between the two models:

The CX supports 4k VRR at 120 Hz, while the C9 only supports 1080p VRR at 120 Hz (4k VRR at 60 Hz). Since there will be almost no games that run in 4k at 120 FPS, I don’t think you are missing much.


I thought I read somewhere the c9 also run games at 4k 120 hz with hdmi 2.1

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Yeah, the C9 does support HDMI 2.1. What I talked about in my previous post was about VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), though – a feature that allows the TV to synchronize its refresh rate with the input device’s output and reduces stuttering and screen tearing.

As far as I know, the maximum frequency in the Variable Refresh Rate feature’s range when the C9’s input signal is 4k is 60 Hz.

I’m not the best person to talk about those technical stuff, though. What I can say is that the CX is slightly better than the C9 (which was expected, since it is the new model), but you are good to go with the C9.

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OK thanks :+1:

Oh that’s good to know. So something like Gears 5 in 4K/120fps will absolutely work on the C9? Just once you enable VRR on the TV it’ll be 1080p? I do have VRR automatically on for my C9 for games like KH3 and I was told it helps out with any game, although I don’t think that is true.

To my knowledge (also an owner and due to it I informed myself very well) the C9 supports the full VRR range between 40 to 120 @ 4K if you are equipped with an appropriate cable that supports the bandwidth that is needed for that. Such a cable is part if the Xbox Series X package and as a result the full range of VRR should be supported by the LG C9 OLED.

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Oh, I stand corrected than. I was going by the Rtings charts (CX on the left, C9 on the right):

It can depend on what firmware version and the GPU this was tested with. The first GPUs that support HDMI 2.1 are actually RTX 3xxx cards. The HDMI standard defines the range of VRR and the C9 is fully compliant to that standard. There can be still the case that information given by LG is not correct but then it would be false advertising. I will check on the LG site what they have stated there.


Thanks mate :+1:

Yeah, to be fair the C9 was probably reviewed when there wasn’t even a device with a 2.1 output on the market. There might have been a firmware update since then, but I’m really not sure.

And to be perfectly clear, I do not own a C9 – although it has been on my radar for quite some time.

This was indeed the case (no hardware with an HDMI 2.1 output interface). Just checked.

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Awesome. Appreciate the heads up!!!

C9 supports 4K 120hz with VRR (G-Sync). I think this will be supported with Xbox either.


Heads up for those that want to operate their XSX via an external AV receiver.

Article is in german but any translation service will do the job.


AV Receivers of known brands have a faulty processing chip inside that cannot be patched. In result the screen is black if driven in some HDMI modes.

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Not C9 related but you LG owners may know the answer to this, I’ve been looking at the latest range with thoughts of upgrading my C7 for an HDMI 2.1 compatible set.

Am I right in thinking that current naming is BX for entry level set and CX the standard model with the only differences on the G and WX models being physical aspects (wall mounted or floor standing) and the ZX being 8k or are there some other specification related differences on the G and W ones?

Found this at least for the BX vs CX

Thanks Colbert, useful link I’d not seen a comparison as detailed as this one before, and it also led me to a similar page that confirmed that the G and W models are spec. wise identical to the C.

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