Let's talk about game preservation

With the recent news about the C bomb in the ps4 and 5 turns out Xbox has a similar problem because the Xbox one and series consoles require a initial internet connection to set up the console this can be a problem should Microsoft decide to shut down the servers in the far future its mainly about preservation for decades @XboxP3 if you guys truly mean that you care about preservation remove this requirement and it would give you guys another advantage over your competition in terms of game preservation

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The big difference here is that I am 100% confident that the Xbox 5, 6, and 7 will continue to be able to play everything that the Series X can today, so even if original Xbox One hardware has DRM issues at some future time, I’ll have new hardware by then that is fully BC.

Agree with you in basic principle though.

This whole aversion to an internet connection and a basic setup is so weird and I dont understand it.

The online requirements were shit a decade ago and they’re still shit now. When i played Watch Dogs Legion (via disc) on Series X, I couldn’t play the game until I “verified” it via an online connection. Tested NBA 2K21 and AC Valhalla, both via disc and the same thing happened.

You get a pop up message telling you to connect online which is total and complete bullshit. Even digital purchases require the same thing. I have to start every game connected online and once I get to the game’s title screen, I go back to the dashboard and quit the game application. This way, when im ready to play the game, I can do so off-line without seeing that pop-up message appear.

For example, when I buy Resident Evil VIII: Village for Xbox in a few weeks, I will install the game disc and then connect online to download the day one update and start the game to verify it. Once I do this, I go back to the dashboard, quit the game, turn off the console and disconnect my internet connection. I then turn the console back on and play the game like I normally did last generation on PlayStation 4 which didn’t require this “online verification” at all.

Microsoft needs to eliminate this restriction/requirement because it’s nothing more than an annoying, aggravating inconvenience that wastes my time which is more important to me than money so this needs to be eliminated sooner rather than later.


Why do you need to put your console in offline mode at all? Why not just leave it in online mode & save yourself all this hassle?


That just sounds like a personal Peter made problem lol


I don’t get the problem, you can even login the long dead GFWL for the few games that still require that specific DRM, Xbox servers are not going away for like decades, as long as MS exists.

The OG XBL situation is not comparable at all, we are speaking about a service that existed before Steam, when the other console manufacturers cannot even think about a unified system, so it was a relic from a distant past, not compatible with modern systems, the correlation I see from that tweet is disingenous.

Online activation is a thing for like every electronic product in existence nowadays.

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Yeah like… I feel like I’m the world’s biggest BC and retro proponent so this is not an anti-preservation thing. But since 2009 my Xbox systems have never been offline so the online functionality issue is just not on my personal radar at all.

And as for servers going down, I have pretty much 100% confidence that Microsoft will continue to operate as a company for the rest of all of our lives. If Microsoft is out of business, then society has bigger issues than access to Xbox Live. :laughing:


Yeah, when I have connection problems I know that nothing will work in my house, not only Xbox and even if you set the offline mode, the experience is barebones, we are not in 2005 anymore. XD

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I always keep the console in “online mode” but I don’t want to be connected online when playing a game, especially if it’s a single player game (ala RE 8) because why would I need the internet connection? It serves no purpose for me. Also, I have a hard wired 1gig connection so if im playing a game online like Outriders for example, I can’t go online with my laptop PC which is annoying. The main issue for me is that it’s a requirement/restriction that simply shouldn’t exist.

People want to bash Sony/Nintendo for their stupid/bad shit so you have to bash Microsoft for their stupid/bad shit which they all seem to have.

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I don’t know for Switch, but PS4 is as always online as X1, the differences are minimal, when there is no connection these consoles are very expensive bricks.

No, it’s not.

I played every multi-platform game on PS4 and not once did I ever get a pop-up message saying I needed to connect online to play the game. I could even play the game right off the disc pre-day one patch which you can’t do on Xbox.

Because you need to set the offline mode, this is the only difference. The names speak for themselves, if you are “online”, Xbox requires you to check the validation.

I will have to try this. This is weird though because I played Gears 5 Hivebusters via GPU off-line and still had the console set to “online mode”.

I will test this out with Resident Evil VIII when I get it.

I agree that setting offline mode is not as immediate as it should be, but with offline mode you can play your sp only games without problems, you only need to set your current Xbox as Xbox Home. There are several FAQs if you have some problem.

I will have to test this with RE 8. My Xbox is “my home Xbox” since it’s the only one I have.

I don’t understand. When you’re playing an offline single player game, you’re not using your internet connection. There’s no reason to disconnect it, it’s not being used anyway. Going offline is serving no purpose at all.

I honestly don’t see how it’s stupid or bad for any game console to require an internet connection these days. They all do it & they all need it, because digital stores exist & because patches & updates for games are common things, among other reasons. You wouldn’t be able to play Outriders full stop if your console didn’t require an internet connection.

Seems like a simple network switch would solve his issues.

I disconnect it because I have one modem and switch the Ethernet cable as I have a separate cable for the consoles and my laptop.

Console can require an internet connection for obvious reasons but games shouldn’t. I shouldn’t need to verify a disc based game I just bought. Just no.

But like I said, I will test this out with Resident Evil VIII by putting the console in “off-line mode” and try to play it.

Why not just get a Gigabit switch? You can get one for $14 and hook up 4 devices.