Let's talk about game preservation

But… your game consoles & laptop have wireless capability, you don’t need to be swapping cables around!

Wait, are you still using a “dial up” modem?!

Because my stuff is on the opposite side of the room due to the electrical outlets so I can’t really do this because I would have all these wires all over the place.

I’m not a fan of wireless. Wired is always better. More stable, more secure, more reliable. And hahaha, no, im using a 1gig internet connection from Optimum.

You can run one wire across the room going into the switcher and then multiple wires from that.

You do you, but I couldn’t live like that. I have a router feeding a few computers and one cable going across the room to a switcher that supplies 4 consoles.


Fair enough. :slight_smile:

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I hate it when people tell me to do things I either don’t want to do or am uncomfortable doing for various reasons, so ignore me. :smile:


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I’m not ignoring you. Unless im playing Division/Outriders, there’s no reason for me to be connected online when playing games because well, why? In general, I only go online if I need to download a patch or an expansion like Immortals this coming Thursday.

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Because if you just left your Xbox online it would solve the “problem” you’re having. That’s why.

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But I don’t want to play a game that’s single player only online. Why should I have this restriction and requirement to play a freaking game? Why?

The problem IS the restriction and requirement. But to each their own.

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Yes, to each their own, so now do us a favor and never gripe about your self-made issues here. :wink:

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I don’t have this issue on PS4/PS5. ONLY on Xbox. So it’s NOT a self made issue. It’s a Microsoft made issue.

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Ok. :wink:

Good god dude, why not. It will have no negative impact on you whatsoever… but you’re creating a negative impact on yourself with this urge to constantly go offline.

For the last time, here’s how to solve your issue,

Step 1. Connect your Xbox wirelessly & then just leave it alone.

That’s it. There are no other steps. Problem solved.


Why not? Because I DON’T want to be connected online when playing a game unless the game itself requires it. That’s why.

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To each their own but I just accept that video games in 2021 are an online activity.

We can have a different discussion about preserving the games we’re playing today so they’ll still be available in 2031 or 2041… But for today, why make life harder on yourself when you don’t need to. :man_shrugging:

We all have our own preferences and hard lines, please respect peter’s!

To get back to the topic, while I appreciate the perspective that Microsoft does well in terms of BC and servers, I believe that the conversation about preservation is moreso about the worst-case scenario. Not necessarily that MS will go out of business or anything, but that they’ll take down the servers. All it really takes is a single bad decision, and while I personally think it’s unlikely, there’s definitely a lot riding on that.

Even if you’re the type to adore Spencer, you have to face the reality that his job will eventually pass on to someone else. Could be someone worse than Mattrick and Ryan combined :wink:

A single bean counter who’s totally divorced from the subject can look at a sheet and say “why are we spending all this money maintaining and securing these old dusty servers? If we cut them, I’ll look good in the meeting and get a promotion.” and that’s all she wrote

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I think I’ll be busier dealing with the Zombies than to worry about servers being offline…

Ha ha, well, what about when you manage to establish a safe zone? How will you keep your people from getting restless and rioting :stuck_out_tongue:

I really wish Microsoft would get all Sega Master System games on Xbox. I’d love to replay those classic Sega games like Golvellius, Kung Fu Kid and Hang On.

Years ago I decided to turn one of my 360s into a dedicated “fighting game” unit. While I had many games on disc, I decided to repurchase them digitally for convenience. I had two Madcatz TE sticks so I figured I could create my own arcade unit.

I ended up not making that cabinet unit, but instead packed the Xbox with a projector and the sticks and took it to my friend’s places when we hung out. We’d find a wall to project on and play SNK, SEGA, Capcom, and Namco fighters all night.

So one time we go glamping (like camping but you have luxuries like power and permanent tent buildings) and I bring the Xbox. Had the projector all set up to make an 80 inch display and…couldn’t play any of the games. We were in the middle of nowhere and I didn’t have my 360 wireless adapter to even use our phones to tether. It sucked, royally.

Since then I got a 360 slim with more HDD space and built in wireless to use as a “fighting game box”. I’ve also set it so it’s my default Xbox even though it’s packed up most of the time because my Xbox under the TV is always online. This way I can take it anywhere and play without a connection.

So if you want to preserve games, you’ve got to take steps like that to ensure that you can play them offline. I’m sure there are people in cabins that don’t have the best internet either.

Starlink and the like should make things more accessible. The internet should be considered a utility like electricity. No one expects to play consoles without electricity.

By the way, one game that I don’t have is Marvel vs Capcom 2 because it was pulled from the store. I’m still kicking myself for not grabbing it. That’s on Capcom and not MS, but it’s incredibly disappointing. This is another part of game preservation that needs to be discussed.

Forza Horizon 1, 2, and 3. What the heck is up with those?

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