Lets speculate the Xbox + playstation games roadmap (zenimax exclusivity related)

We can speculate the roadmap of xbox game studios games and playstation game studios. Doing this will give us an idea if zenimax game exclusivity would be necessary for xbox or not.


So from sony we have returnal, rachet and clank, horizon forbidden west, and possibly god of war and GT7.

For xbox we may have something from compulsion games and halo infinite.


Sony - possibly something from bend studios, Japan studio project siren - gravity rush 3? Pixelopus - concrete genie 2? New iP, japan studio asobo team - astro bot 2, VR game?

Xbox - fable, forza, everwild, Wolfenstein 3,


Sony - japan studio - who knows? , London studios VR game. This seems a very quiet year for sony first party.

Xbox -Avowed, starfield,doom 3, hellblade 2,


Sony - ND -TLOU3 or new ip, insomniac -spiderman 2,

Xbox - gears 6, dishonered 3, wasteland 4, psychonauts 3, the evil within 3.


Sony - horizon 3, god of war 4? And a couple of japan studio games.

Xbox - halo 7, wolf 4, a rare game, elder scrolls 6, forza

Of course there will be differences and 3rd party deals, but the point is the acquisition of zenimax does not overcrowd the xbox line up, it now makes it competitive, better imo.

Compulsion games in 2021? Thought they were pretty small and had been supporting We Happy Few with some sizeable DLC over the last couple years?

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Its speculation, by 2021 it will be 3yrs since there last game. Apart from infinite its looking quite barron from xbox in 2021 so they need something.

I’ll do Xbox first as it’s just updating my old predictions the night before Zenimax. I’ll do PlayStation when I get home.

2021: Psychonauts 2, Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport, Grounded full release, As Dusk Falls, Outer Worlds DLC 2, Project Mara, Wolfenstein 3, Tell Me Why Season 2, Commander Keen Mobile (if still real), Flight Sim Console.

2022: Avowed, Age of Empires IV, Starfield, Everwild, The Initiative’s Game Part 1 (Guessing Hitman-style Episodic based on hints from Klobrille), Hellblade 2, Small Global Publishing Game, Compulsion’s Game, Arkane Austin game.

2023: Double Fine Multiplayer, Forza Horizon 5, State of Decay 3, The Initiative Game (Part 2), Project Missouri, Fable, AAA Global Publishing Game, New Game from Acquired Studio (Asobo?), Gears 6, Starfield DLC, Avowed DLC, Roundhouse New IP, Arkane Austin DLC, Small game from Alpha Dog (mobile?), Mojang New Game.

2024: InXile AAA RPG, Arkane Lyon Game (GAAS), Halo Spin-off, AAA Global Publishing game, Ninja Theory New IP, Outer Worlds 2, Small Global Publishing Game, Doom 3, Tango game.

2025: Obsidian New IP (Small), Outer Worlds 2 DLC, Rare New IP, Double Fine New IP, 1 Medium Global Publishing games, RAGE 3, InXile and Krome Studios Remake of Fallout 1 + 2, Alpha Dog new Game, MachineGames new Game.

2026: Hellblade 3, Initiative New Game, Forza Horizon 6, Elder Scrolls 6, New Asobo or other acquired studio game, Double Fine new IP, Mojang new game, Zenimax Online new MMO.

2027: Arkane Austin New Game, Avowed 2 or New Obsidian AAA IP (depends on sales of first and internal comp with BGS. Maybe they give Espionage another crack), Fable 2, Roundhouse new game, Alpha Dog new game, Tango game, Small global publishing, State of Decay 4, Next Xbox Console Launch.

Plus updates to all GAAS games from Halo to Grounded, from Fallout 76 to ESO. Plus tons of DLC and Expansions.


Compulsion just finished idea storming though. I think they are 2022. I think Wolfenstein 3 is further along though and Tell Me Why will be picked up for another season to fill the 2021 gaps.

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2023 for Starfield sounds so insane, especially when you take into account that Todd said the game had in development for 2.5 years already in 2018. But I guess there’s Pete Hines saying it’s still far away. At the same time this doesn’t mean much, he did that with Fallout 4 too.

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I think had MS not bought BGS it would be 2021 but because they did, 2022. Give it more time in the oven.

Haha, Xbox Game Studios is enormous now. We eating good!


That’s true. And with the big engine overhaul like Todd said, that takes time too. Who knows how many more resources they have now because of the acquisition .

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Late 2022 is my guess, no rush now.

Yeah, creation engine needs tweaking bad. Like, fix at the foundation level. It’s a fantastic tool but buggy.

I think going back to single player helps. Bethesda has the best world designers in the biz and great writers (although I know not all love their writing). Now that they are free from the profit motive and basically carrying Zenimax at pointd they can go back to strengthening their RPG fundamentals.

PlayStation’s Turn! I’m going to say right off the bat that they are going to buy BluePoint and Housemarque. MLB is now multiplat but I’ll keep em anyways. Also note this list does not include Moneyhats so add Oddworld, Deathloop, Ghostwire, Final Fantasy, etc. where you see fit

2021: Returnal, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, MLB The Show 21, Horizon Forbidden West, PS Studios Publishing Game, TLOU Factions, GT7.

2022: God of War Ragnarok (I don’t see 2021 happening. I’m guessing February), Uncharted Prequel by new San Diego studio, Silent Hill, Gravity Rush 3, Publishing Game, MLB The Show 22, Guerilla multiplayer title, Everybody’s Golf.

2023: Spider-Man 2, Days Gone 2, MLB The Show 23, 2 publishing games, Pixelopus’ next game, BluePoint Remake (Syphon Filter?), New Kojima Game. PsVR 2 launches, London VR game.

2024: Naughty Dog New IP, Spider-Gwen, Ratchet and Clank, Ghost of 2Shima, MLB The Show 24, AAA publishing game, New Housemarque game. London VR game, 3 VR publishing game. Astrobot VR 2.

2025: MLB The Show 25, Silent Hill 2, Knack 3/Japan family title, GT8, Media Molecule Game, AAA publishing game. 2 VR Publishing games.

2026: God of War Reboot 3, Uncharted Prequel 2 or new game from San Diego, Days Gone 3, New Pixelopus game. London VR Game.

2027: The Last of Us Part III, Bluepoint Remake, New Housemarque game, Spider-Verse, 3 AAA publishing games, Small Japan Studio game. PS6 launches.

DLC as applicable (tons for Spidey).

Easier to clean up bugs when u drop a platform.

Just a wild guess. 2021 Flight sim Xbox-February, Psychonaughts2 April, halo infinite in July, age of empire 4 in August, Forza Motorsport September, machine games shooter in October(These guys have 2 teams and are very fast devs) 2022 February Hellblade 2, April starfield, June Arkane’s next game(prey team has been working on something for 3 years already),everwild July, forza horizon 5 August, fable October. 2023 At this point it’s hard to give dates: initiatives game, avowed, coalitions next game, compulsions next game, inexiles AAA rpg, double fine game, other machine games team game. State of decay 3 maybe. Project Mara?

It starts getting really hard to space the projects in 2022. Seams like that’s when things get really crazy. It’s partly why I hope starfield is a 2021 game. But 2022 and 2023 will just be non stop and by the end of 2023 people will be expecting halo spinoff, next doom, and elder scrolls 6 soon.

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Gonna throw this out there but Ima say Fallout spinoff game drops in 2022-23 presented by Bethesda in partnership with Obsidian.

Brings Fallout back earlier than expected since Starfield and Elder Scrolls are ahead in the Bethesda timeline and would absolutely be a mega hype moment for xbox studios.

You think The Outer Worlds team is going to finish up The Outer Worlds DLC and go for Fallout?

I think its a possibility. Would be good press for Bethesda, Obsidian and Xbox Games Studios if they manage to cook something up.

I hope that the devs don’t keep doing sequels. Like do we need another Wolfenstein game? Machine should be doing what Tango and Arkane are doing and making a new game. Id can probably get away with one more Doom before doing something else.

It’s just not realistic for a 2022-2023 release. Even if that where the case. Let’s say pre-production started today. That game wouldn’t release till 2024 or later.

Secondly it just doesn’t make sense because fallout 76 is a thing and it just released 2 years ago. Putting out a fallout obsidian game would crush 76.

I agree about Wolfenstein even though I like what they have done with it. The series isn’t successful enough for another game every 1.5 years. Doom… on the other hand is extremely successful and goty material so it’s harder to walk away from. I would like to see a new quake perhaps.

Id is a big studio and they’ll probably bring more people on board, they can probably start a second team