Lenovo Legion Go Discussion Thread


Switch design is the best design!

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A hint!? Christ that’s a whole sale rip off. Lol. I would imagine Nintendo has a patent on the detachable controller design

The ergonomics on the detachables look really awful, if they are going to copy atleast make them more ergonomic like the Hori’s you can buy for the Switch.

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Interesting. That actually makes me less likely to buy one, as I have no need for them being detachable and I feel like that’s just another potential breaking point.

It’s a bummer. I’ve reluctantly come to terms with not getting a ROG Ally, that SD card issue seems persistent and likely a hardware problem that can’t satisfactorily be solved with software.

I guess maybe I’ll have to wait one more hardware cycle. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Oh, what’s this?

Apparently there’s a common issue where the SD card slot dies and sometimes even fries the card. Here’s a lot of discussions about it:


And here’s the stickied thread with the latest info on that issue and others:


A quote on the SD card issue from that thread:

And lastly, here’s a thread with the latest official word from Asus on this:


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I thought that might be the issue based on my experience elsewhere. Thats a shame.

In the past on different devices I had portable card issues too. I had 1 card killed entirely and the others had to be reformatted. Its not like they were being used a lot either, mostly write once read many times media for Tablet and Roku players. The cards were genuine name brand top quality top. I made sure to purchase direct from the MFG and bit through other storefronts.

Yes but shame about the garbage Joycons.

This looks way better.

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Seems like the handheld wars starting early.

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That’s a really well done review/first look. And it has made me reconsider my previous dismissive attitude. I wonder if there’ll be some kind of accessory you can snap those controllers into, cause that’d be pretty sweet.

Very much looking forward to the official release in October to hear what other reviewers and regular users have to say.

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Holiday this year is going to be stacked with options.

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Bring them!

Here’s a decent preview, mostly focused on the hardware experience. It’s based on about one hour with the device:

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With the release just around the corner, articles and videos about this device are starting to trickle out. I’ve linked some first-look stuff below, but come the lifting of the review embargo on November 1st I’m sure there’ll be some proper in-depth reviews posted.

And this site seems like it has potential to be a good resource:

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The first couple of reviews have hit. I won’t have a chance to watch them until later, but from comments on Reddit it seems like the first one is the better of the two.

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I’m suspecting I may be the only person around here who still cares about this device, but for any lurkers who are also interested:


There seems to be a lot of good stuff coming very soon that should resolve a lot of the early adopter issues. Perfect timing for me, as I should get mine delivered around the 10th or so. Looking forward to it.

Actually, I’m monitoring. I just need to know how is it.

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There’s a lot of different takes posted on Reddit, but I’m optimistic it’ll be great. A feel like a fair few of the complaints people have are rooted in being unfamiliar with Windows, or having unrealistic expectations.

I’ll be happy to report my thoughts on it once I have it. And answer any direct questions.