Layoffs at Amazon Games

So, having fun today? Good because…

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What does Amazon even do when it comes to games?

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New world


Unserious gaming company. Feel bad for the employees.


They publish games (next Tomb Raider), they have a game engine, they have Luna cloud streaming service.


They do have that one game that they didn’t revert to beta and then unrelease it entirely like their other title(s), its an MMO or online MP title that saw a lot of attention at the time.

New World, an open world MMO


I mean even serious gaming companies have laid off people, lol

And people really wanted Amazon to buy ABK or Zenimax over MS because of “muh monopoly” lol.

Amazon has never been serious about gaming, they don’t have the balls to sink billions into it and foster good culture.


True, but all they did is releasing New World in a totally broken state. At least is playable rn and the playerbase is coming back

Sucks to hear as always, hopefully they can find work soon.

As for calling Amazon out, they suck and this sucks, but let’s not forget that 343 fired Joe Staten’s campaign team, prompting him to leave and join Netflix. So we shouldn’t really be thinking that Microsoft is so much better.

Edit: I will say though that Microsoft is likely more forgiving because of the people they have in charge of the gaming division.

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No one is better in the same system where these practices are a direct result.

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First time hearing about the reason of statens departure. Do you have a link for that?

Any layoff news sucks, just a matter of why. So far, Bungie is the biggest loser.


There’s no official source as he hasn’t done any interviews and the usual suspects never really reported on the reason, but his role at 343 was made redundant when Hintze took over and he lost his team within 343.

If Staten had ever been looking to make a change that’s the best time to do so. As he would be in between projects at Microsoft Gaming.

Microsoft is always forgiving, and NOT just because of the gaming team. Their corporate culture is more in line with the good tech companies. Which seems to be a good thing, given how even large gaming companies like Bungie and Sony are being reported of behaving.

Joe Staten was moved to the publishing team from 343 first along with the exit of Bonnie Ross. They almost removed everyone at the top leaving only Pierre btw.

What is the source for them firing the campaign team, but that does not sound correct.

Amazon drivers have to piss in bottles to make sure they hit numbers.

Imagine what their crunch culture would be… Jesus


Did another search and found some details here on what was hit: Amazon is getting rid of its gaming content channel amid larger games layoffs - The Verge The full Amazon memo is at the article.

Amazon is cutting “just over” 180 jobs in its games division and making some changes to its games initiatives, according to a memo sent to employees by VP of Amazon Games Christoph Hartmann. The changes include shutting down its Crown channel that streams on Twitch, closing its Game Growth effort that helps game makers market their products, and “refocusing” the work it does with its free games offered through Prime Gaming.

I totally bought the Grand Tour game that later got removed from the store. It’s not horrible and it was trying to do something different in a race /show game, but it also isn’t that great. Good way to rewatch parts of some of the first episodes though.