Kojima Productions and Xbox Game Studios Announce "OD"

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Kojima Productions and Xbox Game Studios have officially announced “OD” at The Game Awards. Game director and developer Hideo Kojima has partnered with Academy Award winning filmmaker Jordan Peele, of “Get Out,” “Us,” and “Nope” fame, who will be one of several talented storytellers involved in the project.

A Hideo Kojima Game, OD explores the concept of testing your fear threshold, and what it means to OD on fear – while blurring the boundaries of gaming and film. The new teaser for OD also reveals Sophia Lillis (“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves”), Hunter Schaffer (“Euphoria”) and Udo Kier (“Flesh for Frankenstein”), who will play the lead roles in the upcoming project.

Check out the video below for the announcement as well as these two lovely metahumans, based on Unreal Engine technology. No release date or console specifics were provided.


This is likely a loooooooong ways off, but I won’t deny I’m intrigued. It’s Kojima and it’s horror, right? Or well, those screenshots that leaked a few years ago sure looked like horror. Kojima and horror is a combination I really want to see.

But all that stuff about how it’s something never done before, then reiterating that it is also a game, yeah, I don’t know. It’s vague, we just don’t know. But I am curious for sure.

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So the most obvious meaning of OD is “overdose” - and it’s what I interpreted this as originally. But I actually wonder if it’s not something like “Open Door” - the focus on the door that they had people come through in the show, and what appears to be the same door in the reflection of the girl’s eyes right before she screams is what makes me think this. The reflection of lights in the actors’ eyes when they’re reciting also is interesting looking - not sure if it’s just a pattern of lights or if there’s something more there.


Oh Damn

Opening Door

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It was the most Kojima-esque reveal possible but I’m absolutely intrigued what this “new form of medium” horror experience will turn out to be,


I made a thread on “X” I think that Project Mara and OD will share this similarity of Ultra Realism that we find in Hellblade, I also think that these 2 games will not have Gameplay with weapons like Resident Evil, The Evil Within, Silent Hill…I think we will forget that we are holding a controller in our hands and that we are in a video game. And I think it will be terrifying and psychological experiences



Assuming it’s legit…this is what was claimed is Overdose a while ago. Or…OD now.

Unless it has already been debunked?

I think that was the plan for Stadia. XBOX simply took over the project when Google closed the gaming division I think it sort of underwent a Soft Reboot and it’s no longer representative of OD

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Yes, that’s right. Forgot about Stadia.

But I wouldn’t mind if it’s like a third person horror, nor would I mind first person. But it sounds like it’s so much more, I have no idea really how to feel, haha.

Kinda reminiscent to the hospital portion of Dead Space 2 (which was great in my opinion). Still think Kojoma is a bit of a star fucker though. Would like to know what studio they’re working with. The tech looks great.


“PT was never good anyway.”


I have to admit that I’m a bit crestfallen that Xbox is finally getting a Kojima exclusive but it’s not a sci-fi story like Metal Gear Solid or Death Stranding. Horror games just aren’t my thing.

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I’m exactly the opposite lol.

I hated Death Stranding and didn’t really enjoy the only MGS I ever played (5), but I did really enjoy PT demo, so I’m pretty chuffed it’s going to be a Kojima horror game.

Hope it’s good. Hype about Kojima is utterly tiresome, auteurs need to be critiqued, not fanboyed. Also the platform wars will be so fucking tragic here.


Kojima’s games are like Remedy: highly praised by some, despised by others.


Here? Here it will be fine, other forums though…certain other forums. :skull:

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I meant in the situation in general! I.e. ‘in this case’. Sorry, wasn’t very clear.



Pretty passionate to go this length.


The first MGS was a masterclass on ps1. Death Stranding was an interesting project. You can not deny the guy is trying things.

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