Knockout City coming Day One to Xbox Game Pass


It’s the right call, they had 2 bombs recently with Plants vs Zombies and another game I don’t remember because they were asking the full price for a f2p-like game.

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Day 1 EA titles have begun… makes Battlefield 6 absolutely inevitable.



Rocket Arena


FIFA and MADDEN would be the bigger gets, expecially if BF6 is next gen only. We shall see…:eyes:


As someone who is used to buying most games but has to convince friends to take the leap, I love how gamepass just gives new multiplayer experiences constantly.


Yep, this actually is my favorite aspect of Game Pass. My best friend and I used to play on PS4 last-gen, but he didn’t buy many games and also didn’t have Plus. So we were kinda “stuck” to f2p titles. Fast forward to the current-gen, he ended up purchasing a Series X alongside me because I also had an Xbox One and kept showing him the wonder of Game Pass. We now play so many paid games together because of the variety and instant-multiplayer aspect of Game Pass Ultimate. It’s really good for gamers who want to keep it affordable like my friend.


PC too?

Here’s an interesting question:

Does Knockout City have PlayStation marketing rights? Because it featured pretty heavily on the last State of Play.

I always thought that this game would be F2P.

No, it appeared also on the Nintendo Direct and in a previous Xbox Wire blog post.

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I’m sure EA is happy with the EA Play deal by the way of things.

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My assumption would be EA saw abysmal pre-order numbers for Knockout and was happy to get a quick check for it to launch on Gamepass.

Not saying BF6 won’t launch on Gamepass, but I just don’t see the connection between those two games.

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Knockout City will be available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members at launch on May 21 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


yes because EA Play is on Gamepass PC now as well :slight_smile:

It’s launching on EA Play, not Gamepass, that’s just a result of EA Play being on Gamepass. So chances are EA did this themselves knowing the game needs a big pool of a userbase right from the start and they aren’t willing to make it F2P for now at least.

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I hope this is the case, but PC is not mentioned on the article.

I’m putting my money on FIFA 22 and Battlefield 6 will hit GP day 1