Kingdom Hearts 4 - Reveal Trailer



Couldn’t see anything that indicated consoles, did you

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We’ll play it in 2032

Nope. Nibel said platforms weren’t announced.

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The series lost me awhile ago but it looks cool but weird at the same time. It kinda reminds me of how uncanny some of the PotC cutscenes were in KH3.

It’ll be interesting to see the product placement though. Sora’s gonna drive a BMW and Donald’s gonna be addicted to Fig Newtons.

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Yeah I find the realistic human city weird too, looks off for KH. But I’m sure there’s an explanation for it, I gotta get back to 3 some time. I’m sure there will be those Disney worlds too.

There were some people that thought maybe the forest in the trailer might be the forest in Star Wars, I think it’s maybe too early in development for something like that but it would be cool though.

Oh that would be great!

Can they have Marvel stuff in there too, it’s Disney owned or not likely?

I think there’s a chance. I don’t know the specifics of it but Big Hero 6 is a comic published by Marvel. It got a Pixar movie and was also in KH3.

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I am curious why neither SF6 nor Kingdom Hearts have platforms announced. Though know Square Enix (and FF7R) the game can be years away.

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It’s the same with Wonder Woman.

Probably the games are either years away, or there is some hot moneyhat war happening :joy:

Though neither Tomb Raider not Witcher 4 have announced platforms right?

Yeah. I think I recall reading that WW is indeed incredibly early.

This trailer reminds me of FInal Fantasy 13 Versus.

Anyways I finished all KH games except KH3 Remind DLC and Melody of Memories. All I can say is that the story is confusing and I hope this somehow reset Nomura’s mess.

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This looked very early and also bad and disconnected art-wise (city, monster).

I think Sora is in the world of Verum Rex. So art wise it made sense. The ending of KH3 showed the city.

I think it’s safe to assume Witcher 4 is coming out on all platforms besides the Nintendo one unless they have a console that’s up to standard when The Witcher 4 comes out but this game and SF6 not having platforms announced does worry me not going to lie.

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Generic art style, horrible model for sora and scripted QTE nonsense


“SE should never make their games exclusive to the PS brand!”

release a brand new game trailer with no platforms attached

the reaction:

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