Judgement coming to Xbox finally! Means all RGG games are on Xbox


Not sure if I’m missing something, but it seems like it is skipping Xbox One and Windows?

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Seems to be a next gen re-release only.


Why can’t I hold all these Yakuzas?

The more Yakuza, the better.

So what, that leaves three spin-offs that aren’t on current gen?

Dead Souls and those two Samurai games? In all honesty, I’m okay with that. Heard they’re nothing to get excited for.


Judgment was a great 8.0/10 for me. Enjoyed the story and characters but didn’t like a few of the gameplay mechanics as they were just completely outdated.

Yakuza Zero > Kiwami 2 > Kiwami > Judgment for me personally.

Can I just play it to play it?

I got Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2, 3-6 on the backlog pile with 7, but it sounds like I could just into Judgement without fear of spoilers for other titles right?

Yeah, it’s a spin off set in the same city but that’s pretty much it. I don’t remember any connections at all to any of the Yakuza games outside of the city being the same.

well damn I’m halfway through it on PS4, so I guess I will wait for next gen release. I wonder if this will launch on gamepass

Play the Game Pass ones first! Haha

Current gen hyyype!

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@ProgStopper doesnt hurt to know some stuff in the world of Yakuza for Judgement but its super self contained so you should be good. Cast is all new + this one also has a dub.

Oh hell yeah, let’s go. I was hoping it would come to Xbox so the fact that it is AND it’s getting upgraded for next-gen is absolutely fantastic. Day one for me.


It’s also dubbed apparently.

Yeah, it had a dub when it was first released too.

It is

Oh I thought it was the others game were it was Japanese Audio only.