JRPGs |OT| The Grind to Level 99 is Paved With Good Intentions

That sucks. RNG can be a pain in the butt.

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Persona 3 is awesome.

All the Rebirth hype I’ve been seeing I finally broke down and bought Intergrade on Steam. I bought Remake at launch (twice actually…fucking Covid and FOMO), but I still haven’t had a chance to play the DLC. I was able to convert my PS4 save to a PC save, but I think I’ll start over to get a refresher for when Rebirth eventually comes to PC, or :crossed_fingers: Xbox. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been nearly 4 years, it’s kind of crazy.

Persona 3 Portable complete. Once again, played with JP text. That went pretty well. A step above what I usually play with JP text (fantasy genre stuff mostly, been playing Granblue Relink in JP and it’s so easy I don’t even need a dictionary), it was very fun.

So for the story itself, I found it a bit formulaic, I would say I enjoyed P4 and 5 more with 5 still being my fav, but the party cast overall I like more than P4 and 5, helps to have more unique characters than just the students (Koromaru is great). The game’s themes are definitely really good and conveyed excellently though, and the credits theme is just so stunning that I’ve already looped it on Youtube a few times.

I’ve always heard that Tartarus was bad, boring, dated, etc. I didn’t find it bad at all honestly, but maybe I am desensitized to that kind of thing. I was on normal difficulty and pretty much found it to be just right.

With this I now have P3-5 under my belt (which means I’m now qualified to say that SMT is still superior :sunglasses:)

Now to put all effort into Granblue Relink!


Anyone played Astlibra ?

Heard a lot of good things about it and it’s on sale on Switch.

Still playing Granblue of course but my current “addiction” is the game I mentioned here

Just came out on Steam. It’s an extremely solid DRPG! Great exploration, excellent character building/customization, very self-aware 4th wall breaking humor (it’s a spin off of a dating sim called To Heart 2, the story is the characters were sucked into a game, so it’s having fun with that, I haven’t played To Heart 2 btw lol.)… This is also a giga-horny game so, yeah… Don’t expect too much images this time. :sweat_smile:, but the game itself is excellent so far.

And of course, I’m fully mapping out every floor. DRPGs are honestly so meditative for me haha :smile:

(The game called out me only using one save slot…)

I think I saw someone I follow from RPGsite who I generally trust praising it pretty well. Haven’t played it myself.

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What are your impressions thus far?

The combat feels and plays really good and there are tons of different characters to play as who all feel different (and you can swap on the fly). I don’t know how much of Platinum Games’ involvement remains (I think their build was scrapped entirely, but they definitely built the combat off of that I think). The areas to explore in the main quest are mostly pretty sizeable and have a lot of hidden challenges and treasures to find.

Hard was the highest difficulty available at the start which I chose, and the game is still really easy. I think a higher one unlocks after the main story, but I’d say it’s definitely more of a casual game.

The main story seems pretty short as I am about halfway through it at around 9 hours played and that’s with delving into the optional quest counter area a bit. The story itself seems for people who were already fans of Granblue (I was not) as there was not much effort to introduce the characters. I am playing with Japanese text as well, and the story/dialogue are pretty basic so far (which is good for me playing in JP, so I can stay caught up :joy:) From my understanding the main quest is a “tutorial” and the meat of the game is taking quests from the quest counter like Monster Hunter, though these can also at least be done with your AI companions as well.

So overall it’s solid. Especially for Cygames’ first AAA production.

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Im now convinced more than ever FF7 remake games will come to xbox.

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I hope you’re right dammit, better then Xbox is dead talk

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Would rather have the Pixel Collection.

Yeah i think with this whole multiplatform shit and sony wanting to do pc day and date…thr days of sony paying for console exclusives is over. I suspect 16 and 7 will be on xbox before end of the year with rebirth in 2025.

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Nah. Id only want that for 6. And tbh i rather play thsoe sprite games on my switch. Although xcloud version would be nice

I only played the tutorial battle of Unicorn Overlord but this seems like it’s gonna be really good. Vanillaware is always doing different genres, happy to see them take on an RPG like this.

And I’m locked in for an Xbox purchase now because on Switch the version with Japanese text is a separate download (meaning separate purchase for the full game) while on Xbox it just goes off the system language setting. I was worried about this because with Atlus, Persona 5 Royal and Soul Hackers 2 did this “Japanese text version is a separate purchase” thing on Xbox, but it seems starting with the P3P and P4P releases they figured out how to bake it all into one client.

(This is Xbox. Naturally the game is 4K)


How does it play? Is it that smooth?

All of that sounds great to me and while it will be a few months until I play Granblue, im already looking forward to it when the time comes. Thanks for the impressions. Appreciate it.

Glad to hear it, I plan to pick it up shortly after launch. (Unless unforeseen financial issues arise)

To just show support for this game on Xbox, going to do the same I think for mana (unless gamepass), octopath 2 and any other jrpg that wants to come over that’s not kemco (they get my money but only when on sale )

The demo is longer than some bigger games. 8-9h demo and it runs pretty smooth on the Switch. Sticking with the Switch version for now. Maybe buying both because I think the Xbox CE will drop in price. Pre-ordered the standard Switch version.

Wait, nintendo don’t do sales for this games once it Launch on their platforms?

Am planing on giving the demo a go. Been very interested in Vanillaware since this Game was annouced. I hope it meets my expectations once its hit to the full game. Same with Eiyuden Chronicles 100 hundred heroes.