JRPGs |OT| The Grind to Level 99 is Paved With Good Intentions

Sadly falcom is a small studio and takes long enough porting their game to the west.

Having way too much fun with Fire Emblem Engage right now.

Can someone please tell me how Shin Megami Tensei 5 compares to Persona 5 Royal and P4 Golden? I know that the persona series is more causal where smt is hardcore. Been thinking about picking up Smt 5 on Switch.

SMT in general is much less…bright? You’re right, they’re hardcore games. SMTV is solid and perhaps the most approachable in the series, but make no mistake - it’s still quite hard even on lower difficulty levels. It’s not a breezy fun experience like P4-5.

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Some NIS America news! Well not for Xbox… :sweat_smile:, this thread is not just for Xbox though.

I’ll get D7, though Nick said something last week on the podcast that they’re also trying to get Disgaea on GP… I don’t really like the idea of that if it’s old titles while all the other platforms enjoy the new game, because we know how that relationship will end up.

It’s strange that the second title here is a compilation of old titles but is not coming to PS4, only PS5 (+Switch and PC).

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I vaguely remember playing the Rhapsody remake on DS some fifteen years ago, didn’t even realize there were sequels… I think I beat it but I can’t remember anything about it :sweat_smile: Do you have any thoughts on this series

. Ive tried to play many disagaea games in the past and fall off every one of them. Its just one of those series not for me. Same with Fire Emblem.

I asked on the other forum, but wanted to see if I might get a faster answer here:

I have Kakarot on Xbox and want to play the Series X version. It’s my understanding that there’s some issues with that update, maybe related to transferring saves? I haven’t started yet so it would be fresh, the game is downloaded and had the X/S badge. Am I safe to start?

I beat the game before this update came out. I’ll check it out in a little bit and see if I have any issues.

Edit: Yup, error. I don’t really understand the message but there’s no update available for the game or any alternate version on the store or anything. I see a lot of 1-star reviews saying it’s been broken for weeks, too. Best to hold off imo.

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How is the game? I kind of bought it on a whim.

I think you have to update the game on a Xbox One console and create a new save. After that it should load on your Xbox Series console.

@Delroy I could be wrong, but you shouldn’t have any issues when start a new game.


My fav dbz game ever. Absolutely fucking loved this game. People complained about the boring worlds but i didnt give a shit. I just loved flying around as piccolo or goku or whoever doing dumb dbz shit and reliving the anime. The combat system was servicable but still decent and fun.

Would love to play it again with the 4k 60fps update. Might do that someday.

Pretty fun if you’re a big DBZ nerd. The license aside, it’s decent but not revolutionary. To give you an idea, I’m a pretty big fan but decided against buying the DLC despite hearing good things about it, even when it was relatively cheap. Might be because I mainlined it, but I was a bit bored of the combat by the 80% mark and there’s a lot of combat!

Ah, that makes sense. Too bad I gave away my Xbox One when I traded up!

Tbh I’ve never been a big DBZ fan. But this game had a siren’s song that called to me. Hoping it’s not super long, just wrapped up Greedfall from the backlog so i wanted to work on another rpg.