Journalists get a hands on look at faux Xbox Series S|X

Via the Verge


The S is so small. How on earth did they manage that? The top down view of the S on a PS4 from IGN is crazy.

I just saw Tom Warren comparing the Series S and the One X, and woah, the Series S is much smaller than I thought.

Damn the S is absolutely tiny.

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Those IGN guys are really amateurs. The photos are of such a bad quality, the angle, the setting.

Then look how professional Tom Warren took his photos.

Embarrassing for IGN



Exactly what I thought, these guys can’t put up a simple size comparison decently. I mean it even lacks the One S to compare. What in the earth!? Embarrassing indeed.

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ok the series S is a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be that very impressive fitting what they have in such a small case

Series S looks about the size of a hardback

might pull a prank for christmas with a library wrapping

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The Series S is so tiny and cute… My first impressions were wrong! I thought it was ugly af when it was revealed, but the size makes it look so good!

How did they put so much power into that little box? The Series-designs are great.

Crazy how small the S is.

True blue engineering wizardry.

The design and engineering is out of the world. I Hope these teams are getting paid well, because they bloody deserve it. The S is perfect for my kids rooms and that sexy big monolith will look amazing on my desk.

The S is cheap, small, powerful and has game pass. If it doesn’t sell like hotcakes I’ll be very surprised.

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I just watched this video. I really like the S now. I was unsure at first but now I think the design is good.


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Beautiful pieces of hardware. Also, IGN is so unprofessional.


I think a fair few will buy a seriesS just because it cute. Theres quite a large subset of people who love cute tech.

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Why you think IGN are unprofessional?

The Series S is so cute and small! :heart_eyes:

Tempting, but I want the big sister :smirk:

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As always they come off as unpro and lost.

Tom Warren did it really good, you see the difference quickly

Anyway, wow incredible pieces of hardware, such beauty