Journalists get a hands on look at faux Xbox Series S|X

Very compact!

You start with a performance target and cost (this would come from marketing) and architects would translate this to SoC performance (frequency, bandwidth, cost), model power (cost), and die size (cost). There is a reason why the GPU is 20 active CUs and clocked at 1.565GHz. Pretty much at optimal power to perf for the process technology used (TSMC N7 Enhance). Very simplified explanation.

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It was a rhetorical question, but thanks. :smile:

np, on forum sometime its difficult to know if a question is actually being asked.

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Really beautiful

I don’t get the issue about the black vent. It’s not as if it’s convex/concave right? It’s flat.

When I first looked, the vent stood out, and the contrast was striking given how small the box is. However, I have seen it a few times now, it actually really has grown on me.

Some tech guys at Microsoft are wizards. Such meaty hardware in such small size is legit impressive.

Yep on the Hardware size it is truly impressive. Mind blown really. Such power in a tiny box.