Joe Staten now Head of Creative on Halo Infinite

Well now how significant is this?


If its true thats good for 343 to have adults leading the Flagship series.


Not sure long term how significant, but I’m excited to hear this news. Bodes really well for his stewardship of the title since becoming the most prominent face of 343. Really want to see him drag Marty back though.

I think the three composers have done a great job so far, and I’m excited to hear more about the rest.


Cool. Joe Staten knows & loves Halo. Hopefully his input only has a positive effect.

They definitely have. Gareth is insanely talented. I just really, really want Marty back. I think he adds something special that others can’t bring to the project.

Hes expressed interest in it not to mention the music for infinite has his approval

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Yeah he said he wanted to work on it and even approached Frankie about it, but the issue was the game was gonna ship a few months after. That was before the delay.

Ah that makes a lot of sense I guess they could bring him in for music for DLC cause we all know that’s gonna happen

it’s just weird how MS has apparently not contacted him once since they broke apart, that’s what he said recently when talkin about Masterchief on Smash.

Yea it is

Putting Staten in a high leading role for Halo infinite is a damn good thing to hear. I’m still hopeful for Infinite, looking forward to seeing it again in June/July.

Good, good.

If Staten choses to stay instead of going back to XGSGP, that means he’s in charge of future expansions and can help with the lore and story. Very exciting


Yea head of creative is that a big deal

Yeah agreed. I even understand if they are afraid he might not work out well as a studio employee given some tension between how things went wrt Activision/Bungie…but like, do it anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think ppl undersell how crucial he is to Halo evoking the right emotional tones to the game’s atmosphere in different levels.

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It could be because he can be very outspoken perhaps

I doubt that is it. He isn’t all that outspoken afaik. I know he is somewhat conservative but he isn’t a lunatic so I bet it’s more a concern about how easy he is (or isn’t) to work with.

Who knows

Head of Creative is a studio level role not a game level role usually. I’m curious to see if this means he’s now in charge of the creative direction of the franchise as a whole like the title would suggest