Joe Staten now Head of Creative on Halo Infinite

Yea sounds like he’s sticking around if that’s the case

You seen the shitstorm he did this morning

Oh boy…nah, haven’t been on twitter yet. Gotta ship out Etsy orders on Saturdays so I avoid twitter til afterwards, heh.

What happened ?

Basically he was on reddit posting stuff about oni the game not the organization in the halo universe anyway it was against the rules and he went off on the mods acting all entitled and arrogant and blocked people on Twitter who disagreed with how he acted even when they were polite he did this in the halo subreddit as well

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Ouch ! Not a good look.

Yea and people wonder why 343/ Microsoft won’t bring him back

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I’m really happy with the three composers we have right now, each seem to bring their own style.

Yep all 3 are very talented im sure the soundtrack is gonna kick ass

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Why is that against the rules? Seems odd to prevent someone so instrumental to Halo from talking about other similar projects they worked on.

Also, hard to imagine MS/343 gives a crap about Reddit, lol.

Some subreddits have rules against off-topic subjects.

Yeah but is it really that off topic? I’d have to see the posts. Generally don’t think anyone actually cares about him breaking some forum rule online.

What’s this now. Marty coming across like a right dick? Again? :laughing:

You know those famous people who you wish would just do the thing they’re famous for but otherwise shut the fuck up? Yeah, that’s Marty O’Donnell.

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