Jim Ryan when asked about responding to gamepass “ There is actually news to come, but just not today”; Unsure if Starfield is coming to PS5

Seem to run ok only played it briefly.

Well at least now we know he has absolutely no control over the game.

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This. I subscribed to pc game pass two months ago just for FH4, played that game a lot. Saw that most of the other games on there I’d already played, saw that upcoming games into Gamepass were getting delayed left and right. Saw that Doom Eternal was coming so I got super excited only to see it not come to the pc gamepass at the same time. Same with EA Play. All while Medium got delayed, Crossfire got delayed, Ascent got delayed, and all we have now is Call of the Sea which was only confirmed after I unsubscribed. Currently there’s not enough pull in gamepass, especially if you’re on pc. There’s Epic store which gives away great games every week, I probably have around 200 games gotten off of there and at least half of em are bangers. I’m talking GOTY indies and GOTY AAAs both. It’s funny cuz I do think it’s a much better service than game pass on pc right now, and that shall only start changing once the first and second party start coming in and that’s not happened or happening for a few months. That’s the plan for Xbox, they know. Relying less and less on third party is the reason they are acquiring so hard right now.

So I’ll be subbing back in January to get Doom, EA play, Dragon quest, call of the Sea, and Medium.

If PlayStation answers Game Pass, expect MS to be quite aggressive. While they compete, each firm has a specific strategy they seek to execute (PlayStation Premium, Xbox Accessible, Nintendo Playful), and if one steps on the other’s toes, it will not go over well.

That said, from a consumer POV, fuck yeah! PS Plus collection is awesome and I’m on board 100% with the Game Pass model.

Yes, I think this will push ms to make Bethesda games to be exclusive. I personally think all MGS games should be exclusive, I think they gain more by strengthening there echosystem then profiting from sales on playstation. Maybe 1year exclusivity to xbox would be a smart compromise.

IF and its a BIG IF, but IF Sony adopt some form of subscription model then its clear that they’ve lost marketshare due to gamepass. They were clearly not adopting this model so their data must show that there is some move towards Xbox. Even a tiny shift of market share like 1 or 2% is desperate for Sony who pinned their whole strategy on maintaining and growing market share for digital distribution.

He would know if it was coming to the PS5. A new IP of that size is always known to the console holders.

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So does this mean that the people who doubt game pass being viable will finally start praising the subscription service? Or are they going to stick to their original argument?

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It’s pretty lame Jim can say the most vague crap like this and its news all across the net. Sony has been horrible at services and Jim has lied about a ton of stuff lately.

Wake me up when Sony actually DOES something on the level of game pass.


Yeah, it’s so clear what he’s doing. He’s an actor. He won’t do anything PS fans want, but pulling vague shit and just lie about the rest. There wasn’t one interview in which I felt that he was genuine or saying something encouraging for the future of PS. But with every act, there is an end. So hopefully, sooner than later.

It’s still crazy to me that all the good guys from Sony left one after the other. They probably felt the wind turn or something.

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This is true, I think people are a bit too quick to say it is gonna be something exactly like Game Pass, especially when it comes to previous claims. It could be something like making a PS ++ thing, with PS + Collection and PS Now in it, something else, or nothing. Having an answer is pretty vague and doesn’t necessarily equal to being the same as the competition.

Subscription services are the future of gaming, the one with the best and most content will lead the gaming industry. We will see some aggressive moves from Microsoft, Sony, Google, Amazon and maybe Apple, Facebook and Tencent.

Funny enough tho, less than one month ago he was throwing gamepass under the bus. Looks to me he just threw some vague statements in the air to calm down sony midia, once some journos seems not to admit that such a good service is xbox only LOL . Anyways, competition is good and I hope he can put out something in the lvl of gamepass in the future for legit sony players.


I suspect that Jim knows F all about Starfield.

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Yeah, there’s no reason to be vague about it intentionally.

But I’m surprised by some comments here about how Jim doesn’t seem to have any control over it. I thought that was pretty clear when MS started mentioning Starfield a lot as soon as the Bethesda news appeared.

It’s really up to MS now, well, soon.

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Isn’t that what PS Now already is?

But first party games don’t stay there forever like game pass, they come and go.

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A successful PS gamepass is a good thing. It’ll push Microsoft even harder to make game pass even better.


If Sony is actually gonna come with their own Game Pass it should yet be another sign (wake up call maybe, depending on what MS is considering now) for them to keep all the games in their own ecosystem. Because you then have Xbox Game Pass with all their upcoming exclusives including Bethesda’s games versus Sony that has their own exclusives of course but not Bethesda basically.

This undoubtedly will have people subscribing to one or both of the Game Passes.


If it is Sony actually doing that, having an answer to Game Pass could be anything. Regrouping PS Now and PS + into one subscription could be one thing ( also pretty good ), or putting exclusives definitely into the service ( not just for some time ) after some months, or putting them Day One but just for a certain period of time. They could all be a possibility without it being unsustainable I think.