Jim Ryan Retires, Connie Booth leaving after 34 years, Layoffs at Sony, Multiplayer games Cancelled


So their seems to be something going on at Sony and because the media is hypnotized by bias no one seems to want to report on it much or connect the dots.

  • Jim Ryan will retire in March after 24 years

  • Connie Booth is leaving Sony after 34 years MSN

  • More layoffs coming at Sony this time media molecule Dreams and LittleBigPlanet studio Media Molecule is reportedly laying off 15-20% of staff | VGC

  • Sony has next to nothing in the pipe line we know about as far as dates on future games. When will they announce actual new non GAAS games and potential dates for new games?

  • Sony raising prices of their online plans alot, new slim models of consoles are more expensive nickle and diming their user base constantly

WTF is going on at Sony and why isn’t their a deluge of Doom and Gloom articles about Sony? This is not good or healthy for Sony and certainly not good for gamers.

I think their is legit reason to wonder about the future direction at Sony and what in the heck they are doing right now.


No one is going to post doom and gloom articles about Sony simply because they have a greater history and have released great games especially in the last decade so they have a lot of leeway. Should it be this way? No but it is what it is. People need to accept that Sony will never be viewed the same as Microsoft.

As for the other stuff, im interested in seeing who replaces Jim Ryan on April 1st. I’m hoping for Shuhei Yoshida but I don’t see it happening. If it was someone already at Sony, I think they would have said so. If it’s someone from the outside, my prediction is Bobby Kotick.

Layoffs and people leaving Sony will never get the exposure that Microsoft gets especially when Microsoft is a far bigger company. Raising prices tells me that they’re just trying to increase their revenue as much as humanly possible this generation and trying to get more money out of their existing consumer base which should be pretty easy to do.

Game wise, they have Helldivers 2 in February as well as Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin, Lost Soul Aside and Marvel’s Wolverine. After that, yeah, there’s no roadmap. Personally, like I have said before, im expecting a showcase in June or September 2024 where Sony shows their roadmap. We all know their studios are working on games but they’re not ready to show.

Most people though like my friend who’s been a PlayStation fan since 1995 doesn’t care about any of this. All he cares about is the games and for him, he’s had no issues or complaints this generation and he’s someone who wants the vest visuals, Ray Tracing, 60FPS, etc. and he knows Sony is one of the few publishers that’s going to give him that. Point being is that im sure most who are the same will feel the same. Until the games starting hit a Days Gone or The Order 1886 type level on a consistent basis, none of them will care.

As a PlayStation 5 owner, all I care about are the games. As long as I get two console exclusives a year including third party (like Final Fantasy for example), im more than happy because it’s my secondary gaming console this generation so my expectations are simply lower than what they are for Microsoft and Xbox Series X which is my primary gaming console.

But whatever, it all is what it is. Either way, it’s going to continue to be one hell of a generation.


ABK has affected Sony quite significantly. Imagine losing $800m in revenue from CoD leaving and a sudden exodus of PSN+ subscriptions has their bottom line hurting.

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I’m tired of the double standard, the fact MS removed KPI Gamepass targets for Satya is making the rounds but all this crap from Sony is getting ignored.

I just want all gaming platforms to be held to the same standards, and right now Sony is going through some crap and nickle and diming their customer base.

These journos who pull out the stops to dig and find something negative about Xbox are completely turning a blind eye to turmoil in Sony land and it is getting quite annoying.




Because gaming media is never going to change and people complaining aren’t going to change anything with them as long as Sony is the market leader and has the popularity and leeway that they currently have.

People bitching about all this shit is just wasting their time in my opinion. For things to change, Microsoft needs to force gaming media to change and they can do that by having amazing games on a yearly basis and giving their fan base and consumers better value and whatnot.

So many people here constantly bitch about Sony or gaming media and I do too but not to the extent as others because what’s the point? You’re not changing anything. You’re just wasting your time which could be better spent playing games or whatever.

Just how I see it. Some people here and elsewhere have bitched for the entire generation. Has gaming media changed or anything? If anything, they’ve gotten worse and are more against Microsoft and Xbox than they were pre-Bethesda so again, what’s the point?

I rather spend my time playing games instead of talking about all this shit. All I care about is Microsoft making sure their games are great which excluding Redfall they’ve done and to give me more as an Xbox consumer and gamer which despite a weak 2022 they’ve done this entire generation so I can’t complain in regards to Xbox.

Microsoft has done way better and have invested far more into Xbox than I ever thought they would coming into this generation and if it means that gaming media bashes them for this or that but im getting what I want from Microsoft, that’s an easy trade for me to accept because I don’t care what gaming media or youtubers or anyone says. Means nothing to me. All I care about is my own personal opinion for their games. Love Starfield, loved Halo Infinite, loved Hi Fi Rush, love Game Pass day one games and while not for me, they have a lot of other great games this generation which is all I ask for. Just give me great games even those that aren’t for me. That’s all Microsoft has to do and again, I have no complaints.

If gaming media, youtubers, etc. want to bitch for whatever reason, best to ignore them because engaging with them or giving them more eyes is worse because it brings more attention to them.

But that’s just me.

I’m playing Marvel’s Spider Man 2 on PlayStation 5 and for the most part, im loving the game. It won’t be my game of the year but will probably end up being #2 or #3 for 2023. Once done though, I go right back to playing my Xbox Series X. All this other shit is simply not important to me. I truly don’t care and I don’t know why anyone would care when it’s their own personal time that they’re wasting.

I simply prefer to spend my time playing games which includes PlayStation 5 instead of bitching about all this shit. But to each their own bud. :joy:


Yea I’m not going to just accept double standards and brushing off issues just because they are “Sony”

I would like the industry to get to a point where the same energy is applied to all platform owners instead of just letting Sony flail and fleece customers and all anyone says is, “that’s ok its just Sony doing it” Like that is ok because of some inherent greatness from Sony where every fault is brushed under the rug.

It’s bullshit and just empowers Sony to keep being asshats to it’s customers and gaming in general.

Sony has a major upheaval going on in upper management, they also have what looks to be a huge game drought coming up yet everyone is fine to just let that go but they will nit pick actual released games like Starfield and Forza to death.

Well one thing is for sure nothing like this will ever change unless it is pointed out and a spotlight put on it.

I would not care as much if these media shifts and bias’s did not directly impact the gaming landscape and enable Sony to do what ever the fuck they want regardless of how it negatively impacts gaming as a whole.

The media and Fanboys decided Sony can do no wrong and this is THEIR industry to fuck up as they please.

I’ve been a gamer long long before Sony entered the industry and will be a gamer after they exit it and my long term opinion is Sony needs to be held accountable cause some of the things they do is a major negative for even non Sony gamers.


I mean I was pretty doom and gloom when I sold my PS5… I need to know what games are coming out in the future. I played God of War Ragnarok day1, then looked at the future schedule and only saw SpiderMan 2 and nothing else. I jumped ship and haven’t really looked back. The funny thing is even after a full year they still haven’t announced any future games. Something is very wrong at PlayStation.

Like it’s cool to hop on and buy a PS5 today and say hey look at this library of games, but if you’ve had the ps5 since launch, it becomes this weird blow the dust off your console once every 18 months, play the game, then put your PS5 backin storage for another 18 months . It’s a very weird console generation to PlayStation and definitely not normal. It’s like they forgot to make games or something.


I agree with this but only to an extent because it depends on if you’re into Sony’s games or not. I am for the most part so including third party console exclusives, i have used my PlayStation 5 an average of once every six months which to be perfectly honest as a secondary gaming console is great and blows away both Xbox One and PlayStation 3 which gave me only 5 games each in their respective generation.

I have already played and completed 6 console exclusives this generation for PlayStation 5. Spider Man 2 will make it 7 and we’re only three years in so for me personally, Sony has already surpassed what they gave me with PS4 in the first three years (and PS4 was my primary last gen) as well as my secondary consoles the last two generations. So im one of the very few here who can’t complain about what Sony has given me this generation.

I would argue that what you are seeing is the result of Sony’s pipeline being hit by Covid. They just had games that were at further point in development before the pandemic hit. Now you are seeing the results for things that were early.

They are at a place now where MS was two years ago.


They have, but since they’re all generic 3v3 extraction shooters people forget they exist.

Crazy thing is Xboxs recent shows have all been about single player games, Flight Sim, Hellblade, Starfield, Clockwork Revolution and South Past Midnight and yet due to their existing titles plus the wealth of ABK + Bethesda GAAS they’re effortlessly dominating that sector.

I will say this, the PS5 is an objectively poor console. From price, to service, to power to games.

If you eliminate the Bethesda timed exclusives and the Square timed exclusives buoyancy its atrocious.


Entering year 4 is another way to say it that removes some of that glass half full optimist spin.


They have third party studios to work on their games now whether it’s third party exclusive or first party publishing.

I was replying specifically to the post about PS5 being a every 18-month console. I just forgot to quote it.

Do you seriously believe I spend a second of the time I can actually play games posting on the forums?

I hate this argument or comments about touching grass etc. It’s just deflection from the issues.

On topic though:

Ignoring issues or resign in the face of opposition is never a winning strategy. Defeatist crap.


Man… the gaming corner of the internet would explode.


I sure did read a lot of words to justify Sony being a terrible competitor “because it’s the way it is”, and I look at the vast list of examples of change throughout history that was accomplish because people didn’t except things the way they are. The reality is this: Sony gets an unbelievable amount of leeway for everything. Think journalists care about holding power to account?

Then tell me why, when everyone else lays off employees and gets justifiably crucified for it, Sony is barely even linked to the studios that have layoffs or closed? Don’t believe me? Here’s just a couple examples:

So… when Microsoft and others perform layoffs, it’s the organization and its leadership’s fault (as it should be, mind you), but when Sony performs layoffs it’s actually just the individual studio and Good-guy-Sony isn’t to blame. Somehow Sony-proper had nothing to do with and the language used emphasizes that point “the latest studio to be hit with layoffs“ and not “Sony lays off x number of employees”, like we always see with MS and everyone else. Hell, even when it’s an article about Sony layoffs, they can’t help but mention Xbox layoffs. I provided the WC article for Xbox to prove that even the “biased” Xbox outlets lay blame where it should be.

Now I know there are going to be some predictable voices that want to pretend there’s no misinformation from the media (man do I have mountains of proof to contradict that point from the current geopolitical circumstances alone), or that it’s “just games”…. To which I have always shaken my head. The “Just Games Industry” most certainly needs some media scrutiny… or do those people have their head in the sand too? It’s that very media scrutiny that has helped every other industry - that whole labor situation and the rise of unionization sure would love a bit more attention from someone like Sc****r that supposedly cares about the workers, and gamers deserve it too, because with media scrutiny comes accountability, and more times than not, better pricing/circumstances for the consumer. Gods know we have literally seen this very thing in action countless times at Xbox when they bend to public will.

The fact that some of you are so willing to simply accept it, and not call it out for what it is, is saddening at best and for those with other motives, gross at worst (because again, this isn’t just about YOU - but the gamers and devs who live in a less entitled reality than you.)

Missed this part @Mort and you’re 100% correct. Telling people it’s “just games” or to “touch grass” is the most common lost-argument tactic out there and at the very least is the tactic used by entitled people who aren’t, or don’t think, they’re affected by the discussion at hand. It’s gotten to be such a common retort from some people, I’m about to make it a red flag for troll-behavior. This is a discussion forum people, if you don’t want to discuss the topics at hand, you can easily see yourself to any of the other hundred threads or see yourself out.

Edit: I am not saying there aren’t good-faith “go touch grass” suggestions, I’m saying when it’s used to shut someone else’s argument down, it very much is used in bad-faith.




Sony don’t lose any revenue from the change to cod…

Not unless it erodes their market share but there is little to suggest that will happen.

Indeed they won’t be stumping up for marketing so in theory cod underMS will save them money.

Unlike you, im very optimistic with what I will get from Sony the next five years but I do enjoy their games for the most part where you and the majority here don’t. That’s the difference.

You see 2024 as empty, I see it as me getting Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade, maybe Lost Soul Aside, the God of War Ragnarok spin off game and probably one or two third party exclusives like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth so im set already. My PlayStation 5 schedule for 2024 is already set.

So again, I have no worries or concerns whatsoever on either side. :joy:

In general, a lot of people here post every day about all this shit and have done so for three years. Has it changed anything? If anything, it’s all gotten worse as opposed to better.

Deflection of what issues? The issues majority here seem to care about is shit that doesn’t concern us, doesn’t apply to us and can’t do anything about. Sony layoffs people. Okay, it sucks but EVERY company does this shit including Microsoft. I can’t do anything about this nor can anyone else here so what’s the point in bitching? It’s not changing anything.

Does Sony have issues? Yes but so does Microsoft. Don’t act like they don’t because they do. Every company has issues. This isn’t anything new or surprising or anything we can change.

It’s why, all I care about is the GAMES. That’s it. It’s why I bought and own Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. I don’t own them for any other reason.

I simply don’t care about any of this on either side. As long as both give me GAMES that I want to play, in all honesty, I don’t give two shits what either company does. I will only care if either company does stuff that does affect me which three years in, neither have done. Both are delivering great games and that’s what I ask for first and foremost.

Probably but man, it would be entertaining as fuck. lol