Jim Ryan confirms that Nixxes Software was acquired to help with bringing more first-party games to PC

Jim Ryan in the interview with Famitsu confirmed that Nixxes Software, which was purchased a few weeks ago – which is part of PlayStation Studios Technology, Creative & Services Group – will help in bringing the next first-party games to PC.

“We’re also happy with our early efforts to bring our IP to the PC, and we’re hoping that Nixxes will help us with that” – said Jim Ryan.


In the next year or two Day 1 PC will be the goal for them. Its free money and helps them pad out the numbers they love so much.


I for one am shocked. Didn’t see this coming. Thought for sure they were going to start creating original ip third-person action adventure games for PS5 despite never having done that at all in their history and having talked about having no interest in doing so.


In the press release they literally stated that studio will part of PlayStation Studios Technology, Creative & Services Group. They also have a lot of experience in porting games to various platforms and supporting them technologically.

That was obvious they get them to do what they are best at. Now we just have direct confirmation from Jimmy.

I strongly assume that we would sooner see the original IP from Bluepoint Games than ever from Nixxes.


Yes, I know. I was being sarcastic as there were playstation fans who seemed to think they were going to be making new original games.

I’d still rather play these games on console whenever possible, but it’s cool that people will have more options.


Gee, what a shock. Some people thought they were going to create their own IP’s. LMAO.

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Yes, i personally confirm.

I guess the narrative of “Xbox doesn’t have any exclusives because their games are also on PC” is now officially dead. This news will probably make certain people have a mental breakdown.


John Linneman certainly thought so, which surprised me considering he is fully aware of what kind of studio they are. Like there was no reason to buy them other than if you have plans to use their skillset.


Not a fan of John Linnemann as I prefer everyone else at DF. Not surprised that John thought that. His fanboyism towards Sony blinds him at times. But yeah, Nixxes only does PC ports and Sony wants to get their exclusives on PC day and date so no better way to accelerate that than acquiring arguably the best PC port studio available.

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Xbox is an innovator, Sony a follower.

Online console, live gold, PC, day 1 subscription service. The pattern is obvious.


old news lmfao

Wasn’t Saturn the first console to have online functionality?

Console manufacturers simply releasing their games digitally on PC will be the best move for long term game preservation, and it won’t need effort on their part, unless they actively try to sabotage it with tons of DRM which I doubt they will. Imagine if Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony were releasing their games on PC from a decade earlier, so many games that are just lost to time would be still able to play in whatever capacity you want on PC. Glad MS and Sony are going this direction, despite the latter being a tad late. Nintendo gonna Nintendo, but I don’t care cuz emulation takes cares of all their games.

But what if Microsoft goes under or decides to stop supporting and producing PC Operating Systems??? /s


Dont know why playstation fanboys would be upset, they’ve been telling us for years that xbox doesn’t have exclusives and they’d just play xbox games on their beast PC’s

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NEver, Sony will never put games day 1 on PC. But the time between PC and PS5 will be 6-12 months. Unlike MS…sony won’t hamper hardware sale potential.

Sony fanboys grew up in a age where this whole console wars BS happened.

MLB The Show 2022 edition will likely land on PC from day one. Nixxes will obviously help with that.

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