Jim Ryan confirms that Nixxes Software was acquired to help with bringing more first-party games to PC

Maybe they’re not first-party, but Sony Interactive Entertainment already released ReadySet Heroes and Predator: Hunting Grounds day one on PlayStation 4 and PC.

nice, more posts from you that shall age like milk :wink:


Until it happens. I’m right and you’re wrong. Won’t happen. I would like It to happen. But this is the same company who is paying millions for timed exclusivity to keep games off other systems. I think they see pc as a let’s put it on there after a year because we need more money system.

Also MLB is a sports license that Sony don’t own. They have 0 control where it goes. I mean they were forced to make a xbox version for Christ’s sakes.

Your naughty dog insomniac Santa monica games and 1st party studio major IPs will not go to PC day 1.

Welcome to the Microsoft ecosystem Sony.

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I’m willing to bet at minimum that a big multiplayer game from one of their first parties will be day 1 on PC in the coming years.

What multiplayer? Like a Killzone?

Theyre not even allowing 3rd party games to be on PC day 1. FF16 is PS5 for 6 months then PC and then another 6 months for Xbox. I honestly believe Bethesda blocked Ghost and Deathloop being on PS5 only and only agreed to a PC PS5 giving them a year console exclusive at best.

Jim Ryan only cares about PC when profits and game sales dry up for their console.

With how poor games are doing sales wise like Returnal and Demons Souls…why not have those games on PC asap?

Both games would sell more on PC due to not being tied to a next gen hard to find console.

I do believe Sony want to put more of their games on PC…but their strategy of putting them on there after a year seems more viable to them.

Thank fucking god MS bought Bethesda.

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PS5 exclusives will be on PC day one before this generation ends. Guaranteed.


Well, guess it will be time to switch to full Nintendo Stan for this guy…



Lmao. Yeah, CrapGamer has a lot of crappy takes and opinions. Anyone who doesn’t believe that Sony will put their exclusives on PC day one are delusional. In fact, they acquired Nixxes in order to speed up the process.

That’s exactly what its for lol.