Jez Corden seems confirm the next Arkane's vampires game

What It could be?

  1. a really new IP? Medieval or Victorian setting?

  2. Bloodlines2? I Remember that game had many troubles and It has been choosen another developer for It. Could It be Arkane?

  3. new Castlevania game with IP licensing by Konami.

What do you think?

One thing Is sure: Arkane are magical.

The game started development back in 2018 iirc so Omen being a rebooted Bloodlines 2 is out of the question. Being a new Castlevania game could be amazing but I highly doubt it to be honest.

Can’t wait to see Omen at E3! Prey is on my top 3 of last gen and the Dishonored series is so good so I have faith that Arkane Austin and Harvey Smith will give us something truly amazing. :partying_face:

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Prey It was Amazing. Really loved that game.

  1. I think it’s a new IP.

  2. Can’t be Bloodlines 2. That game only recently got assigned to a different studio, like months ago. If Arkane was that, then they were idly sitting since 2017 after release of Prey till the start of this year which I don’t think is true, but even if it were, there hasn’t been enough time to announce it at this E3 if it were the case, cuz what could Arkane have done in this short span of a time to show that the game is now gonna feel and play like an Arkane game? It’d just be “hey you remember that other game? Yeah we’re taking it over, that’s all” which would be disappointing. Also everyone would then be curious what was put on hold from 2018 to 2021 for Arkane to ship this game, it would be a mess.

  3. Would be insane if it were Castlevania but I highly doubt it.


It’s Arkane, they made Prey.

I need it!

Oh my God… these could be artwork from OMEN

now, i’m really excited for the Project


I’m excited for anything Arkane. I wonder what engine they’ll likely be using? If I’m not mistaken, they’ve bounced around from CryEngine to id Tech.

Yeah - they seem to have used many engines including Source engine too for Ravenholm, but it seems they are well set up with their own fork of the idTech engine.

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Yeah if those are the direction the game is heading in then I am all in… Even though I was already :sweat_smile:.

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It was Arkane Lyon up until Dishonored: DotO (I don’t know about Deathloop) that they were working with their custom version of id tech engine. Arkane Austin used CryEngine for Prey and Mooncrash but the last Prey expansion (Typhon Hunter) was UE4. I remember reading that they changed from CryEngine to UE4 for the Typhon Hunter so they could get used to UE4…so I’m assuming that Omen is Unreal Engine as well, most likely UE4 considering when the development of the game started.

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If those images are from the actual game, im even more interested than I was before. Hoping for a gameplay trailer in two weeks. Please don’t be CGI only. If it is, I would prefer them to hold the reveal until gameplay is ready. If they reveal the game with CGI and then immediately follow it up with a gameplay trailer, then im good. Also hoping for 2022!!!

This would be very high on my anticipation list.

Looks like The Strain (TV Show)

I hope so too because I feel it would generate more excitement since it is game play after all. I do think if the game is at E3, we will get a CGI trailer. In fact I think we will get two throughout the whole show: This game and Project Typhoon.

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That’s what I was thinking too.

I’m working my way through The Strain on Disney+ just now and I’ve just finished Prey, the best game I’ve played this year.

Some sort of Prey crossed with The Strain type game would be right up my street.

Both of those are supposed to be 2022 games, which would imply non-CGI.

I really want the game to take place in New Orleans. Perfect setting for this.

You want to play True Blood?

Yeah lol

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True Blood was in a fake Lafayette. New Orleans is very different.