Jeff Grubb STRONGLY Hints @ EA Play coming to Game Pass

If it’s EA… Meh.

my EA Access renewal is the 9th so it must be true. :sob::sob::sob:

Well, I’d be really happy if this turns out to be true. I like EA Play, and I subscribe from time to time, and having all those EA games on the gamepass would be huge for general audience. Don’t forget that EA puts their games pretty soon in EA play vault. NFS heat is already there, for example.

That would leave ubisoft as a glaring ommision and I hope we can get ubisoft on gamepass soon. I mean, I would be even happier if we got ubisoft on gamepass, but I don’t expect it, I don’t want to be disappointed :smiley:

As some who had a month of Access recently but didn’t renew because I did not want to pay for both it & GPU, this would make me very happy :smiley:.

Does it mean the Mass Effect remaster (still unannounced) could join GP day one?

That would be a shit ton of games to add all in 1 hit.

FIFA on gamepass, that’s megaton.


Guys I think it might actually be happening, will edit this with some semi kind of proofish haha.

  • Xbox Game Pass
  • Xbox Live Gold
  • Xbox Game Pass (PC)
  • -BLANK-

It when I got to manage subs and click on my GP:U sub it says 4 items included in this sub with those options. Unless it’s Xcloud.

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Would be really great, if true. Keeping my fingers crossed for it to happen.

I was about to subscribe to EA Access but I’mma wait.

Microsoft needs to stop saying they have “over a hundred games” on gamepass. They’ve been selling themselves short. Adding in ea play would bump them up to about 350 games.


I called this a few days ago and I’m never right about anything so you’re warned.

I did think there was one more bit of evidence right enough. Below is from the EA website on what you get with EA Play. There is no mention of 3rd party games. MS would not want EA competing with them for 3rd parties if agreeing to a tie up. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

What Do I Get with EA Play?

As we mentioned earlier, members will be able to access exclusive in-game challenges and rewards, unlock special member-only content, play early trials of brand-new titles, get instant access to a collection of our best-loved series and top titles, and save 10% on EA digital purchases, from full games to DLC. But what do we mean by exclusive challenges, rewards, and content?

Don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble but isn’t that the space for Xbox Game Streaming? Seeing as it will be arriving as part of Gamepass next month.

sorry guys, italian native speaker here. I’m struggling to understand the mechanism.

So, Ea Play comes inside the XGP subscription…this means that we should pay ALSO the EA subscription if we want to play day 1 their games?

Or do you mean that their games are available for free if you have gamepass?

We don’t know yet. It’s probably just a case that what you get now on EA Access is now called EA Play and it’s included with Gamepass Ultimate as a perk.

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They’ve mentioned it actually gets a better marketing reception than using a bigger number. Many people who hear "500 games!"or whatever just think it must be a lot of filler and trash. 100 strikes a better balance of telling you there’s plenty to play but also it’s somewhat selective. You’ll notice in MS marketing they often use the full phrase: “Over 100 high-quality games” to make exactly that point.

xCloud isn’t going to be called out as a separate service though, I don’t think. Look at the way they’re rolling it into the Game Pass app on Android - it’s just Game Pass, and you can launch the game on your Xbox (local install), PC (local install), or on your phone (streaming).


Still not confirmed… so details are not final.

It seems EA Play (Basic) will be part of game pass. This would include some “legacy” EA games in XGP for free, but not all new releases are going to be day 1 (FIFA20, for instance, was added on May… so around 6 months after release). Day 1 releases are included as part of EA Play Premium, which we asume is not part of the Game Pass deal and should be paid separately.

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You’re not bursting anyone’s bubble I didn’t say it was confirmed, I’m just saying there’s a blank thing there that seems oddly suspicious with this rumour of EA Play coming to Game Pass.

Not only that but what happens if some publisher or a few decide to all remove all their games at once, MS can probably secure 100 games easily than if they said 500 and 350 leave it would be a PR nightmare. Not saying this is remotely going to happen but it just makes sense saying 100 plus it’s not gonna take long for MS to have 100 of their own exlusives in there so no worries of getting under that number.

They could then say maybe over 300 games or something.

Mass Effect remaster …

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