Jeff Grubb: Microsoft should be pretty talkative soon, implies multiple updates in August


We’ll be overwhelmed with Xbox Wire articles I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the way to do this sort of thing imo.

I don’t want a live stream to announce the price and show off the OS etc.

Everything is free until an $800 charge ends up on your CC on file or some loan collector is at your door.

I think between the software updates and obviously price and release date, they have quite a bit to cover still.

Expect it very soon imo. Maybe tomorrow?

I’d quite like a smaller scale show that just goes through a bunch of details, like launch SKUs and pricing, how BC will be enhanced, comparisons between games on Xbox One/X, Lockhart (once it’s announced!) and Series X (i.e. show that Lockhart games are just the same, but at 1080p)… stuff like that.

They’d probably get absolutely slated for having a show like that though.

Microsoft just need to do their thing, July was a good show and they still got picked apart

I’m buying a Series X pretty much regardless at this point, but I need a price ASAP.

That soon?

Microsoft need to show some games running on the series X.8 think Jez has suggested they will. I think it’s going to be some sort of a show. They need one. They need to show some gameplay of 3rd parties and show and explain why their system plays these games best. ACV seems the obvious choice for this. Have the developer show how they used the power of the system…and explain what graphical effects are unique to the SX.

Do you know something we don’t :sunglasses:

I’m just going by clues and tendencies.

X is in cap, maybe something on the 5th?

Yeah, I agree. But a lot of people just always expect the world when there’s a stream or whatever - look at the reactions to the last Nintendo Direct Mini, when they explicitly said it was very small scale, and focused on already announced stuff. Even then there were a couple of nice surprises, but people went mental.

This is why we can’t have nice things &etc, I guess!

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Xbox Wire (Phil posts) tend to be on Mondays so…

Phil doesn’t need to be the one announcing… But either way, Tuesdays are usually news days, or Thursday.

Sooner rather than later

I wouldn’t expect something fancy like the july show. Xbox wire sounds about right.

I don’t honestly care if they don’t give us a show full of flair, I’m just gonna be over the moon to get the actual date and price.