Jeff Grubb: Another reason to get Gamepass coming in the next 2-3 weeks

I’m guessing this is that 3rd party Shinobi hinted at.


Looks like that 3rd Party rumour is going to land this month, wonder what it could be?


People speculating EA access being rolled in. Would be a nice bonus. Seems like it can take a while for new releases to show up, but would still bolster the library.

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Personally think either Focus Home Interactive or Sega are top choices.

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I think we need think in terms of publishers. Someone who’d be open to a GP model. Maybe Capcom? Or Ubisoft?

This is interesting, I wonder what it could be.

I doubt it is this, but imagine if MS managed to get Cyberpunk day one?

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Focus Home or Sega, yeah. Or 505 Games.

Cool. Wonder if he is referring to a game(s) or additional incentive for the service. Or maybe even additional device reach in terms of 3rd party streaming boxes like Roku.

I just saw it is coming to Steam. Would be pretty absurd if that happened.

The caveat will be Game ULTIMATE members only I think.

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Shinobi seemed to suggest a major publisher might have been brought into the fold on GP. Betting someone got paid to do day 1 GP releases.


I feel like the third party pub they have their Gamepass deal with will turn out to be Sega. If that happens, hoping it would mean finally getting Atlus games (Persona 4, 5 etc) along with Judgement and that Fist of The Northstar game on Gamepass.

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I don’t think it will be something only for ultimate members unless it’s a perk. EA Access could be a perk for example as it’s separate.

Maybe Dying Light 2 or Elden Ring…WIthout mentioning Sega.

He was saying a publisher though so I expect it’s multiple games.

What I’m still wondering is, is this a one time thing only, like for one particular game? Or will this pub’s games come to GP on day 1? Either way, exciting times.

Sega probably then lol I want the remaining Yakuza on my Xbox. Judgement too I’m still waiting…

I’m thinking something Bungie related.

They already announced their only game is going into Game Pass with the newest expansion though.

If I had to guess I’d say it was something to do with one of the following in order of likelihood.

  1. Sega
  2. WB Games
  3. Konami
  4. Capcom
  5. EA