Jeff Grub indirectly confirms that The Initiative is working on Perfect Dark

So someone caught Jeff Grub in a twitch chat of Kinda funny Games confirming it’s perfect dark and he seems to agree


Seems to be an open secret at this point. Can’t wait to hear more.


Jonathan dark instead of Joanna Dark

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Nah, Joanna’s new nom de guerre will be Fam Sisher :laughing:


So PD but not exactly PD ? Intriguing…

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Maybe a game set in PD universe?

It’s fascinating that most of Xbox content get leak and nothing major from the Playstation camp. I wonder what the reason is.

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Velvet Dark eh? :wink:


Remember how Fable was revealed by @Klobrille years ago and then everyone just talked about it as Fable and not really Playground’s new game. It’s basically the same with Perfect Dark. We all know it, it’s happening, too much smoke…when it is released is another question and how it is different from previous PD’s is another one. We shall see what is announced.

And it all started with Ken Lobb making a statement on TIC podcast years ago.



why is MS so leaky these couple of years?

i mean, gimme it! i’m all in for more Perfect Dark :slight_smile:


Velvet Dark would have been a third person stealth / action game and not a first person shooter as the original Perfect Dark, as Rare wanted to expand their franchise in different genres, especially when such games as Metal Gear Solid and Symphon Filter were super popular on the Playstation.

Lines up with what was said in 2015 by Kenn Lobb

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A ship the size of MS is going to have leaks cause there literally thousands of employees segmented in different departments

Ohhh wow interesting :thinking:

That’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!

Can’t wait!

Is there a chance we’ll get a trailer this year?

Splinter Cell but Perfect Dark in a Cyberpunk setting please.

Really hoping whatever this studio is making blows me away. Everytime I think about the talent at Initiative I get goose bumps. Not exactly hyped for Perfect Dark as I know nothing about the series but I know this team is incredible and on the Series X it’ll definitely be a showcase.


I am worried about the unfair expectations that are going to be placed on the game/studio because a job listing said AAAA. The media already seems to be running with it in a sort of negative light along with all the other xbox bashers.

I’m glad it’s 3rd person as I prefer it that way. I hope it’s going to be a great game, but I don’t expect miracles from their first game. But most of all, I hope we don’t have to wait for another 4 years to play it. Bring it on :slight_smile:

Semi-open world cinematic AAA experience focused on narrative zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The lack of confidence Microsoft has about promoting another first person shooter in their staple really baffles me. Has Arkane not shown what can be done in the first person space?

Eidos Montreal?