Jason Schreier: more game delays

I been saying it for a while now i can almost guarantee God of war will miss 2021 i don’t think halo infinite will get delayed again but just expect more delays

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Unless you were content locked and polishing sometime last year, you ain’t making the cut unless:

  • You’re a much smaller scale game
  • You don’t mind a buggy broken launch.

Halo Infinite was delayed last year to this year just to polish up the graphics. It’s literally content locked.

But stuff like GOW? Battlefield 6? COD 2021? Maybe not.


Agreed, honestly I think Sony were being disingenuous saying 2021 for GOW to begin with with just showing a logo and not even a title. It was never going to make 2021, they just seem comfortable providing misinformation for hype and sales, and the fans don’t seem to care.


Yep all because of undying brand loyalty


God of War not making it to 2021 surely.


We don’t know what kind of game God of War 2 will be. Maybe it’s like miles morales, where they reuse a lot of assets and gameplay ideas, which is what I expect since I heard it also comes to ps4. Then a 4 year development time is totally possible for a sequel. As to Schreiers statement, yeah of course a lot of stuff is getting delayed, cap. obvious. It already started last year. If he knows what and when, he can happily let us know.

I don’t see God of War making this year but am happy to be wrong. If it wasn’t for the in-engine partial gameplay I would 100% write off Stalker but it could still happen although I am uncertain. I could see GT7 slipping, their noncommitment rubs me the wrong way. Starfield and Wolfenstein 3 could come out this year or be delayed but I don’t see either dated then delayed… Bethesda are weird that way. Dying Light 2 and Vampire the Masquerade should come out only because of the countless delays before but who knows honestly.

As for ones that will come out, I think Ratchet and Psychonauts 2 are locks. I think Halo Infinite and Horizon Forbidden West will come out in their designated timeframes. I think we’ll see BOTW 2 this year to celebrate Zelda’s 35th. I think Gotham Knights, Battlefield and CoD will come out. We’ll get all the sports games with MLB The Show delayed a bit so it can go multiplat. The rest? No clue.

Anything and everything except halo please.


Halo will make it i think according to klobrille it was content complete back in November

Anything is possible. Covid is decimating game development


Schreier breaking out the crystal ball to blow our collective minds with some shocking news that nobody could ever have predicted.

What a legend.

Sarcasm. Obviously.

Seriously though, what’s the point in tweeting that? Is his head so far up his own backside that he truly can’t conceive of the possibility that maybe we all know there will be more delays because there’s always delays at the best of times & currently the whole world is in the clutches of a deadly virus?!



I never thought God of War would come out in 2021 anyways.


Ignoring PlayStation stuff that I haven’t been following closely, there are not many BIG games slated for this year. Scarlet Nexus and Resident Evil Village seems to be locked on for 2021. Far Cry 6 was already delayed last year, but I still think it will be released by May. Outriders was delayed twice, but already has a new release date.

Maybe Gotham Knights?

Hey, at least these delays will mean Halo: Infinite will have a very solid chance at GOTY. At least a nomination. :wink:


Good thing Xbox has the best BC platform in gaming, not only do we got tons of games to play we got tons of games that now look and run much better on the Series X

Do you think Battlefield 6 and the next COD will release this fall ?

I feel like if these games were planned to release in Fall 2021 before COVID happened, then it could be problematic.

COD? Yes 100% yes. COD hasn’t missed a year since the 360 era.

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The first of many, many games he says, damn. But to be expected sadly.

I wonder if Starfield is one of them. Officially nothing is known about a planned release year but…the leaker of the screens said this year and Xbox also has been mentioning it quite a few times now.

We can only wait.

I see Horizon 2 and God of War Ragnarok being delayed on the Sony side. Possibly Gran Turismo 7 too. Microsoft wise, I can see Wolfenstein III and Starfield being pushed into 2022.

Third party wise, I can see Far Cry 6 and Gotham Knights getting delayed. I don’t see Battlefield 6, COD 2021 or Halo Infinite getting delayed.

Yea I doubt halo is getting delayed again its pretty much done they just took the extra year polishing the game and overhauling the graphics

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