It's a shame 343 didn't add microtransactions to Master Chief Collection

I remember the day they announced this, it was the beginning of the end of frequent updates.

Even after many updates they made were preparing for this, like when they added poses to the post game.

A sense of melancholy came over me when this news dropped.

MCC is one of the greatest packages in gaming, and adding paid battle passes, skins, poses etc would ensure the game would continue to get support and maybe even brand new maps, halo 5 integration and maybe even a halo 3 remake with blur cutscenes… But alas, the vocal minority online had to ruin it for the rest of us.

It’s also sad because MCC already offers a way to turn off any skins or whatever which were not in the original games, so I can’t comprehend why people would get upset over them adding more content which would have let to endless support to this timeless gem of a collection.

Do we even get MCC updates anymore besides a free diversity related in game title every holiday or relevant day that pops up ? These are the only updates I see in steam now for MCC.

My only hope is that one day when this game gets ported to PlayStation 5, they reconsider not introducing further monetization, and even port halo 5 over.

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I didn’t think I’d ever see the day that someone was requesting MTX were added to games.


It ensures long term support. Once they decided to not go ahead with microtransactions the support for this game died off hard

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Fair, it is what 10 years old now though? I don’t think we can expect games to live forever (or be supported forever either).

The fact we can still play it is pretty awesome.

Even Infinite is coming up 3 years, give it another 2-3 years and we might have another Halo release.

True it is an old game but I see Microsoft supporting games like Age of Empires 2 still.

This is one thing Microsoft needs to be commended for, continued support of their IP.

If MCC drops on Playstation, there’s a huge amount of revenue which will lead to more updates, even without adding microtransactions… And the dream of halo 5 being added might finally happen. I NEED full halo 5 on PC.

Halo “fans” ruining things as always


It’s funny to say it but the best thing Microsoft can do for Halo now is to drop MCC and Infinite on PS5 ASAP

Even infinite is dying off, and it’s an incredible game. It’s a shame, when you look at the steam player count how low both MCC and infinite are.

I don’t think it’s about the lack of MTX… the are very old games, the process of adding content to them consistently is probably hard and limiting due to the old engine. They had issues with efficient content creation with the new Infinite engine as is, imagine all those old games.

They wanted to monetize the game, the moment the community flipped out over it they pulled support.


I remember an official blog post where they spoke about how they were going to introduce microtransactions but then decided not to. The skeleton is in here but they didn’t flesh it out and actually add them. It’s a shame.

I’m guessing that’s why Halo Infinite multiplayer was free to play?

As MTX in a free game is much more accepted than adding them to a full price one (although nowadays thanks to “live service” it’s common in them too!)

Every multiplayer game is about ongoing monetization these days, and I’m all for it.

Much better than paying for map packs every couple months where the population for the new maps shrinks and shrinks.

If a company can’t monetize, the multiplayer dies and they no longer support it.

Bring back loot crates for MCC for all I care, assuming it pays for more free updates for the player base, and add halo 5 to it.

I think Infinite is fantastic. I play it regularly.

I kinda think that arena shooters are out of vogue though and I think that might be part of the problem Halo faces. I also think that the way Infinite launched - that is to say few maps, very, very long season passes that could be completed quickly and then a long wait for more content to be added will have severely interrupted momentum. Things have moved on a little now, people expect to be unlocking things constantly. It’s just how it is.

I couldn’t say for sure, obviously, but I think there’s a chance that Halo Infinite would be in better health if it had launched with a quicker release of maps, and with more regular season passes. When the game came out, we played it daily, but it felt quite quickly like we spent almost all our time on about 3 maps and people got bored. I still think it’s weird that it took so long for maps to come along. I’m sure it was a result of the game’s troubled development period.

I wonder how much of a success it could end up being even if Playstation players came onboard - and what a move like that might mean for the Xbox brand. I think it’d almost certainly guarantee that people would think every Xbox game can and will go third party. From that point on, there’d be no point in saying anything was exclusive.

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If Halo Infinite goes to PS I do feel it’s gonna do really well, that news alone will generate a huge amount of buzz and the game’s name will be in the conversation for sure and the f2p multiplayer will have a huge amount of players coming in to try it, and hell if their first impression is with this much improved state of its content with all the modes in, could bring in a lot of new fans

I think it could do well, Playstation doesn’t have anything like it, but like I say, for many it’d be viewed as a nail in the coffin for the xbox brand. And for all the poor decisions that Microsoft have made regarding their brand, I think this one could be the worst, most symbolic one they could make right now. Perhaps up there with TV, TV, TV. To some degree Halo and Master Chief ARE Xbox. Giving them to Playstation, would be to give up the entire brand, or at least be seen as such by what might even be many.

So, you could save Halo Infinite, but at the cost of the entire console business.

Infinite was never popular on Steam to begin with, for whatever reason. But average player numbers are close to where they were in March 2022, shortly after launch. It’s 13th most played on Xbox, ahead of Overwatch, FH5, Destiny, Sea of Thieves, etc.

I don’t play it myself, but it seems to be doing fine.


I do love Infinite, it has the right “feel” etc. of Halo 3, even if I’m too old and slow for the multiplayer nowadays (saying that, I used to be carried by my housemates in uni, with my rallying cry as I charged into the fray then died being “I’ve injured them!”).

The Infinite campaign is the game I most wish they’d released more single-player DLC for too - it feels great, it looks great and it plays great, and the story clearly was set up for them to add more


Haha, I remember that from back in the day, someone valiantly saying one was injured, only to be topped by “No shield!”

I’m surprised they haven’t shipped more Infinite campaign pieces too, tbh. It would presumably be quite easy to “discover” a new area on the map, complete with different weather / terrain that people wanted.

I’d have bought it, for sure.


I don’t think it’s worth the headaches it would cause and I don’t think it would be the revenue creator people would hope it would be

If Infinite was going to turn things around player count wise it would have already done it by now, it has an ok amount of people playing but for a free Halo game it should be at far higher level than it is, to me that’s not a sign of lets bring it to PS to help it but more of a what we are doing just isn’t appealing to bring players in, there’s no reason to believe those PS players would stick around after the novelty of Halo on PS went away, if Xbox players didn’t stick around for it, why would PS players

Halo needs fresh ideas more than fresh platforms, the casuals that made Halo huge back in the day have moved onto CoD, Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft or other BRs and hardcore Halo fans close to enough anymore, Halo just isn’t “it” anymore

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Yeah, Halo Infinite is a really enjoyable game, plays so well, but the overall package, structure, it still feels like it wants to target the same audience from the og Xbox with the same modes and expectations. Imo Halo need to separate story from multiplayer if they want it to be huge with the modern audiences. An RPG Halo single player only. Then a looter shooter or whatever for the multiplayer, for examples. Halo should be treated like Star Wars.