It's a shame 343 didn't add microtransactions to Master Chief Collection

The version they wanted to put in MCC was to let you buy the tokens to unlock cosmetics (while still letting them be “freely grindable”).


Great example of a vocal online community ruining the future potential of a game, such a harmless version of microtransactions and if they added more cosmetics well guess what, you can still turn them off in the settings.

Sadly, I think so too.

I think there’s all sorts of things they could do to bring a bit of intensity to Halo and dare I say it, make it more casual friendly. I think COD/Apex etc. feel more accessible than Halo does.

But, I would expect a giant backlash from Halo fans (who mostly don’t agree with each other about what the best bits of Halo are). Essentially if it’s too Halo, it won’t appeal to the mass market. If it’s not very Halo it’ll alienate fans.

On the plus side, with the TV show they could make some sort of game of the TV show - which has it’s own rules and setting which could be it’s own thing, rather than a continuation of the other games.

Ultimately, I think Halo ought to drop Master Chief and make a stand alone game about a regular soldier who maybe gets access to Spartan armour tech, maybe they even get bailed out by a Spartan team in a dire moment. But, unshackling the game from Master Chief’s emotionless monotone would be a positive, imo. It’d be good for the story to not require you to read half a dozen books to understand the plot.

I love Halo, but I think if you were designing a character now, Master Chief would not be it.

MCC has an extrensive and fully featured modding suite that ensures lifetime support. It doesn’t need mtx.

Not on console. You can’t play mods there.

Don’t know what to tell you there, but in terms of ensuring that the game gets content consistently, providing mod support is a far better route even if you don’t have a PC. The game is confirmed dead.

The only hope now for it’s future is releasing on PlayStation to bring in revenue

Just seen this posted which is relevant:

Ah lmao, Was just about to post this. Watching the video now.

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Sad video :sob: