Is the Hellblade 2 trailer in real time? Dev. clarifies!

They said that foliage can be rendered the traditional way. So for a demo meant to show off the new features, it kind of makes sense to mostly have scenes that can show off these new features and not rendering techniques we’ve seen in a bunch of games before.

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Truthfully, we don’t have much else to go on. It’s either Senua or Craig.

Hopefully we see far more of the former once the gen gets rolling along more formally.

Vegetation has just to be rendered the traditional way in UE5. And Hellblade 2 is in Iceland, thats not the most forested place on earth :wink:

yes, it’s what Epic mentioned in their roadmap as well, but it doesn’t mean UE5’s new tech will never be used for vegetation, it’s just currently, it has to use traditional methods while they work on UE5 to make it possible for this new tech to eventually integrate it and make everything better.

No. Some don’t like his views or how he expresses them, but in terms of being a legit dev with good info, he is legit. He exposed the fact that PS5 architecture is ‘middleground’ b/t RDNA1 and 2 by quoting Sony’s own hardware engineer in a very unprofessional manner (which Gavin apologized for), and Sony fans online attacked him for that. But his info that he passed on was legitimate.

He also had twitter threads about XVA, which (rightfully imho) cast it in a very positive light but as such, it went against the next-gen console tech zeitgeist and he got attacked for that too. In both cases the actual engineers working on these specific areas of the PS5/XSX chimed in and confirmed what he was saying. So keep that in mind.

Not sure about this twitter thread though. He posts here, so we could just ask him. :slight_smile:


Good to know!

It’s interesting to learn that there’s been no new advancements to rendering vegetation like other aspects of gaming. I feel vegetation is important to environments you want to make feel alive. Will be interesting to see Playground’s approach in Fable.

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I don’t think it moved to ue5 mid development, more likely they have been working together with epic on the next version right off the bat and already iterating on the tech.

If I remember correctly epic did say some devs were already working with early versions of unreal 5 so I wouldn’t be surprised if your right

Mesh shader in theory could allow grass rendering to be improved, or even nanite eventually.

Nanite currently does not support because it can only import geometry in a format that’s not very suitable for grass (but allows to have super dense models with a reasonable size) but the same only render what you see in the quality you see can be applied to other formats.

One game I suspect might use it is Grounded. On SX when you get to view the whole field of grass performance just tanks. On SX it could potentially chew that scene off with no sweat.

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Did you see their work on vegetation in Forza Horizon 4?

Please if anyone has beautiful shots of FH4 to share I will happily accept it

It is incredible what they have done. Heir attention to detail is amazing. I have no worries for Fable in the graphics area. They are insanely talented.

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The original trailer was running on UE4.

This game is gonna be incredible. A Visual masterpiece and folks are just gonna have to accept it. Ninja Theory masters with tech and Microsoft throwing that bag!!

Could be they had to say ue4 because ue5 hadn’t been announced yet. Just speculation

While I have my opinions on Ninja Theory when it comes to the gameplay in most of their games, I don’t doubt for a minute they can get the game looking like that or very close to it during gameplay.

And I’d wager on XSX - assuming the vision doesn’t change through development. The Series X is not inferior to very strong PC’s. And being a closed system with the coding advantages that brings I’d wager will be right up there.

What I’m saying is that I don’t think it was a regular ue4 version. More like something in between that they and epic have been iterating already.

Craig was running on a PC too. Maybe that Minecraft RT trailer was on a Series X?

It was probably an early version of UE4.25 since that was the first version with next gen support.

I have no idea who Gavin is but if you make a blanket statement like that you should provide a reason why. Just to be fair to that person.

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