Is the Hellblade 2 trailer in real time? Dev. clarifies!

Here we have a detailed thread from a developer about the Hellblade 2 reveal trailer.

In short yes Hellblade 2 trailer is running in real time IN ENGINE but this is a great read and he gives evidence for his claims.

Recommendation here guys!

What’s your thoughts on this?


Wasn’t this guy exposed as a fraud or I’m misremembering?

I have no clue but the thread is really interesting.

Oh… its Gavin Stevens. Yeah, I’d ignore anything he says.

Also, even if it were realtime, it was running on a PC. And now that they moved on to UE5, the game could look vastly different, for better or for worse.

I really wish people would stop using this trailer as an example of what the Series X can do.

I believe on a unreal stream it was confirmed running real time in engine on a pc. So I do believe the game will look just like that. This early on into next gen games will always be shown running on a pc because the SDK of the dev kits are still being made. Dont know why people make that a negative as if the games not also coming to pc.

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True. So you can expect the game to look like that on PC.

they haven’t moved to UE5 yet, its preview only starts in early 2021, and becomes production ready by late 2021 when they’ll release it. Sure, they could give Ninja Theory an in-development build of UE5 to test some stuff out and plan their production from the onset with the goals eventually porting the game from UE4 to UE5, but for now, the game shall be built in UE4. This means we are not gonna see the game for at least two years. Also, this is not new for Ninja Theory, go back and watch their devlogs to see the kind of innovation they pulled off in performance capture, they even won an award for it. So I believe it’s very possible the game shall look that good, at least in its in-game cinematics. The example he provided regarding TLOU2 only looking that good in its cutscenes, the in-game models and animations and lighting are nowhere as good makes perfect sense. So expect in-game cinematics to look this way right out the bat, but possibly inferior during gameplay by a margin.

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I am not going to hype myself up anymore with in engine trailers and stuff like that. I have no doubts that Ninja Theory can and will deliver a amazing looking game, but those faces? It would be insane if they can have the ingame character models look like that, I am willing to bet it won’t though. I had a hard time differentiating this from a live action video.

What’s the story with this dev? I’ve read some of his other threads and haven’t seen any red flags.

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Current best graphic card is a 2080 ti that is 14.2 teraflops. Series x is 12.1 there is no way they would be targeting 2080 ti for this game or only 1 percent of pc owners would be able play. So I do believe that trailer is indicative of what we will see on series x.

Well i hope for our sake that you’re right.

The fact that we are a few months from the console releasing and have yet to see a single game running on series x hardware is pretty troubling to me.

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Remember ninja theory are leaders in motion and face capture technology so if anyone can do it its them or naughty dog


Ah, yes… running on a PC with dual SLI RTX 2080 ti’s and a 64 core processor.

I’m looking forward to real game play on the console. I don’t think it will look this good but I think it will be pretty dang close. Time will tell since we only have a few months left.

I wouldn’t worry about it Microsoft is a pc first company and have always shown their games running on pc before a big launch

Oh, and people should stop making assumptions on what the game will look like based on our knowledge of existing paradigms in asset pipelines. If the UE5 demo is to be believed, much of what we know about what game engines can and cannot do will be thrown out the window. No more “polygon budgets” means our understanding of polycount affecting performance shall have to change.

Right off of the bat, UE5 seems to have already solved the problem with static meshes (geometry that isn’t deformable or animated). Characters and other animated meshes shall still have to be maintained in its polygon budget and you cant just drop a 100 million poly sculpt of your character from Zbrush and expect it to work with animations, same with textures. To texture something in games, you generally need UVs, and to have UVs you need optimized meshes with valid topology and good edgeflow. In some ways, UE5 shall make asset creation and game lighting/direction incredibly fast and easy by removing many arduous steps in the proces, but it still has certain things to figure out and we shall probably see more of that R&D being done and showed in the coming year leading up to the public release. For example, UE5 also needs to tackle another very important paradigm in games ie vegetation, which is why the demo had next to no grass or trees and the like in it. Those things have to be rendered and made using traditional methods that UE4 already used until UE5 tech like Nanite and Lumen figure out ways to eliminate further problems when it comes to those conventionally difficult things game engines struggle with (which is why Crytek is known for its amazing vegetation technology).

So yeah, we need to wait this out for a year at least before going off about what’s possible and what isn’t. From what I read in Gavin’s thread, as a 3D artist myself, it made enough sense.


I believe part of that is due to the game taking place in Iceland. If you watch their dev diary you can see they are going for 1:1 likeness. Not much vegetation in the part of Iceland they are showing

no, I’m referring to the UE5 PS5 demo, not Hellblade 2 trailer. The UE5 demo conveniently didn’t have any vegetation and was set in a desert environment. This problem with vegetation was confirmed by Epic themselves in the recent UE5 lecture/roadmap video they had and said it’s something they’re working on at the moment alongside dynamic meshes.

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That is true. That’s why I hope some day they will make a game like Enslaved again. Not a sequel perse, but a game like that with such combat too. I quite enjoyed DmC too. A game like that with amazing visuals that they are known for. I’m very curious about Mara as well.

Speaking of Hellblade. I have yet to continue with the game, it ended up in the backlog.


Oh got it. yes that is a weird omission

I was pretty blown away by the original Hellblades animations and facial models. That was a 20 person team using base PS4 as their primary platform. It’s true in game trailers running without physics, AI, gameplay should not be taken as gospel for what a game will look like while playing it however very excited about NT trying to set the bar in this area. Also excited about NT spreading their knowledge to other Xbox Game Studios. Animations have been the singular area that 1st party has come up short in the past. Would love, for example, to see Obsidian apply a similar effort in animations. When you’re walking and talking to characters, you should have similar opportunities to load all your resources into faces and animations for RPGs.