IP that Xbox should revive for Series X and forward

Since we are getting close to kicking off a new generation, Microsoft has doubled down on new studios, games, and services as the new priority for Xbox. This has been a resurgence of creativity, diversity, investment, and growth for first party output at Xbox. With this new investment in games and content, what are some old and dormant Xbox IP that you would like to see be revived going forward?

I have always felt that Xbox had a ton of untapped potential in their stable of IP. There are several games that I thought should have gotten a sequel and several I felt had potential, but didn’t quite hit the mark with the first one. Taking some time and reworking key aspects and core gameplay could have made them successful games.

I would like to know everyone else’s thoughts on past Xbox games that should be given another chance and what you would like to see done differently. Any Xbox game from the O.G. console to the Xbox one. Let’s discuss games we want to see brought back whether remaster, sequel or reboot!


Jade Empire x 100000.

Although it looks unlikely, since EA owns the IP from what I know?

But one can dream. :sweat_smile:


I’ll keep repeating it, as gaming becomes more diverse and attracts a broader audience I think Microsoft should give Viva Piñata another try. Preferably as a non-mobile title, but I can also see how it would make more sense on mobile.


Give me Mech Assault damn it!


MechAssault, Crimson Skies, Project Gotham Racing, Viva Pinata


Lost Odyssey and Otogi!


Would love to see a AAA Shadowrun rpg

Hopefully they figure out whatever entanglements are holding them back from making more games with the FASA properties


Lost Odyssey Blue Dragon Otogi Crimson Skies Rallisport Ninja Gaiden All of Sega OG Xbox catalog and more Alan Wake Quantum Break Recore Shafowrun (CRPG, something like Cyberpunk and the mp fps. I want it all) Perfect Dark Conker Banjo

That would make a good start :stuck_out_tongue:


Lost Odyssey, in my eyes it is the best final fantasy game ever, remake it or give me a new one please :)!

I would be down for killer instinct (ki reboot was so good) , amped, otogi, jsrf/crazy taxi 3 HD ports too (I know these two are Sega ips but still)

& Banjo Kazooie to make everyone else happy.


Just a few of my thoughts really quick, I think Xbox should be rebooting Fusion Frenzy right now to launch very early on with the Series X. They don’t have any party games from their studios. Bring Fusion Frenzy back, but this time include characters from other Xbox Franchises. Have the mini games be set in multiple Xbox franchise worlds. Like the squashing bugs with a hammer minigame could be popping flood spores with gravity hammers from the Halo universe. Include local and Online multiplayer and keep it updated throughout the generation.

Also I think Turn 10 and Playground games should break up the cycle with Forza M and Forza Horizon by releasing a new Project Gotham Racing game in between. That way it isn’t just Forza M, Forza H, Forza M. This could be a fun title to split between the two studios to break up the monotony and have some fun. There should be no problem making it different enough to distinguish it from the Forza series while giving gamers more variety.


Brute Force, Mech Assault/MechWarrior, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Conker, Project Gotham Racing, Crimson Skies, Truck/Motocross/Midtown Madness, Age of Mythology, Lost Odyssey, Ninja Gaiden, Blinx, Kingdom Under Fire, Ninety-Nine Nights, Lost Planet, Amped, Too Human, Sudeki…

Xbox also needs party games like 1Vs100, Fuzion Frenzy or Kung Fu Chaos.


There are ones I think will happen eventually like Banjo or the rumored now Perfect Dark.

But the two I would personally like to see are Viva Piñata and Kameo.

One that seems like a no brainer to do eventually especially with so much RPG talent they have now and in the wake of Cyberpunk is a Shadowrun game.

Despite Forza going strong, there’s room for Project Gotham Racing. It’s a different beast.


The holy trinity!

  • Killer Instinct (yes I know it came out this Gen, don’t care)
  • Perfect Dark
  • :bk:

Would love to get a new Lost Odyssey as long as it’s a continuation of the story from the first game and not a Final Fantasy situation.

I’d also love a new Viva Piñata. Feels like a new VP would do amazing with today’s gaming habits.

And obviously a new Alan Wake but I’ve given up hope on that now :cry:

PGR needs a return, I also think a new Amped would look spectacular in 4k HDR.

I think Kameo deserves another shot and although it did get a new entry this gen I really want to see a new release of Killer Instinct!

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Jet force gemini could have potential.

I vote for PGR, Perfect Dark and Ninja Gaiden.


Ninja Gaiden

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My last wishes were already fulfilled with crackdown 3 and flight simulator 2020 so obviously Phil listens to me. Ok, then bring back Project Gotham Racing next.