Introducing "Day One" | A Community Game Pass App

Hope you guys saw this! If you have any questions, post away!


I did not! Very nice.

Very interested to check this out! Being able to track what game pass titles I’ve played sounds good.

Link to dl pls

This will be awesome!

This will be a cool feature!

Long term question. Since Game Pass titles come and go all the time, do you plan on expanding past GP titles and go for the whole Xbox catalog?

If so, will you eventually go the GG route and try going into everything (all platforms) if the program succeeds?

I like logging all my stuff like I do on GG, but I feel like the personal touches of active communities is the biggest missing proponent. Since you guys also run a forum I could see this really taking off in ways some applications cannot.

Either way, always cool to see new stuff coming and I’ll be having fun toying around with it!:grin:

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Yes, once the community is happy with the Game Pass library. But that could also scale the whole thing into the monster level of needed resources and maintenance :sweat_smile:.

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This sounds like a cool idea, will definitely check it out when available to test.


Question: How will this compare feature-wise to stuff like GamePass Scores?

sounds good , I’m in :+1:t3:

Or other web-based library browsers like Game Passport and others? Is the primary differentiator for Day One that it has Xboxera community integration, or can we expect other things?

Also, this quote from the above-linked thread has a bit more context now:

edit: I had a look at the latest podcast episode, and a bit more detail is given there. Here’s a direct link:

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Pleased to say that early access testing has now begun for our Patrons. :slight_smile:

V1.0’s release won’t be too far behind. Nearly there!