Inside Cyberpunk 2077's Disastrous Rollout

It was a bad decision to make this game open world. I think if they’d copied Deus Ex and focused more on hubs, with interconnected level design, it would have been way better

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Makes no sense for the type of game they tried to make.

…it was never ‘unplayable’ even on base current gen consoles. You can find TONS of youtube playthroughs on base consoles and it is nowhere near as bad as you are tryna make it out to be. The game ran at 15fps for literal handful of segments that were short and they have since been brought up to 25-30 fps.

Like this one: Cyberpunk 2077: 11 Minutes of Xbox One (Base Model) Gameplay - YouTube

Or this: Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One S Gameplay - Streetkid Lifepath - YouTube

Or this: Cyberpunk 2077 - Xbox One S Gameplay - YouTube

Or this: CYBERPUNK 2077 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [Xbox One S] - First Look - Street Kid || (FULL GAME) - YouTube

Rough is not synonymous with ‘unplayable’. The game NEVER ‘ran at 15fps’ in any remotely consistent or drawn out way as you keep tryna suggest. Stahp.

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Deus Ex is open world though…

All of this talk is subjective at best.

I’m aware a vertical slice is not supposed to be monolithic, but the big changes it went through only explains the game being severely crippled at a systemic level ultimately at release. I played and finished the game on pc at 1080p medium to high settings at 45fps avg without much issues and next to no crashes, so I can easily say the biggest problems of the game are not the bugs or performance issues as they rarely affected my experience, but something far more fundamental to the design of the game. And mind you I wasn’t expecting this to be GTA (as there are some things Cyberpunk does a lot better than gta) or Deus Ex (I never expected this game to be an immersive sim or anything), even outside that it still suffers from many things. The quests and characters were still the best part of the game, strong enough for me to still enjoy the game to finish the campaign twice and all the side quests too, but it still had many glaring issues that have been mentioned many times already. Most of the world is just set dressing, with no real verticality outside what’s partly salvageable through the double jump ability, awful npc AI, where almost all of em are perpetually mad and angsty at you for trying to talk to them let alone do anything past pressing that F. During the concert show side quest when you’re on stage and playing guitar, you can press F to talk to a fan and he literally goes “can’t you see I’m busy?” or some of that same copy paste shit these npc are programmed to say everywhere, it’s surreal. Awful cop AI, awful traffic AI, extremely easy to downright forgettable boss fights, very little use or requirement for crafting at any time in the game, etc etc. And I didn’t even mention the several canned features.

It’s just ironic that despite all this, I really enjoyed the game. But it just stands to testament that I can see how much better this game could have been if these glaring issues were paid attention to, issues that do represent the game at the core and do affect the player experience enough to not discount it from the overall takeaway from the game. It’s like they blew their load on making quests and main cast of characters great and did very little to make everything else match that standard as well.

And all of this is not even mentioning CDPR’s own problems in this whole debacle.

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The game was an absolute mess at launch on last gen console & CDPR sought to hide that from their customers. This is not a “theory” of mine. It’s a simple, basic fact.

The game should not have been released in that state. It was an unfinished mess. They knew it, reviewers who were not allowed to show us their own footage knew it & as soon as we started playing, we knew it as well.

No amount of obfuscation, after the fact, changes the fact.


Had CD Projekt been under MS and Game Pass, I think they could have avoided this mess by not being as dependant on sales as they are now, and thus not rushing the game’s release to please investors and the publisher.

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I don’t know how the state Cyberpunk launched can be defended.


Nobody will pay to acquire them at their current valuation.

That I know of, I was just saying if they were already under them for some time now.

Bang on assessment.

If I never played this game on my PC, I would have thought that this game was unplayable with bigotry at every turn.

I beat the main campaign and all the side stories on the Holidays. I felt that it is a great game.

When people are crying about missing features, they make it sound like it is a racing game, missing an accelerator pedal.

Nothing that was cut got in my way of enjoying the game.

Also, where were these individuals when the PS3 did not ship with 3 HDMI outs for 3 screen Gran Turismo? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love the game but I can still criticize what the overall experience is. And objectively, it’s not good enough. I replayed portions of the game and I encountered some bad glitches and bugs, NPC who are stuck or absent from cutscenes, etc. It’s okay to be harsh about that because they knew before hand what they were getting into. And I don’t even talk about the quests which feel so disjointed some times.

So yes, the game launched in a rough state and that’s all on CDPR. Maybe it’s been a little too far with CP in particular, but that’s what deflated hype get you. We already seen so many games launched in beta state or close to it, so it’s kind of annoying when it happens to a game that we waited for so long to play. There is genuine disappointment in those critics, articles and memes. But of course, you have to filter the bad takes and piling on.

And I will say it again : I really love the game. Atmosphere is so good. Night City is so great to explore and just roam around on foot or in vehicles (they look so fucking good!). I love the weapons which all feel awesome. So why am I reminded at every turn that it’s all faked, as cars and NPC disappears when you’re not looking, and ‘running on fumes’ with some last minute optimizations ?

I think they would have saved most of the troubles if the game wasn’t open world, or at least not that kind of “do what you want” style game. I applaud the efforts though.

So I will say, let’s fix the bugs and perfomances of the last gen versions and focus on making that sweet XSX and PS5 versions with some added cut content if that’s possible, and it’s all forgotten for most people.

Your theory is that it is misleading or deceptive on their part to not have it ready in time for reviewers pre-release. It isn’t. It’s easily explainable without inventing deceptive motives to attribute to them. No publisher or developer wants their game to be shown off looking bad when they know for certain the game runs/plays significantly better than that. An unpatched version on base consoles was likely drastically worse than the patched version games would actually play on day 1. It is 100% fair and justified for them to want to avoid misleadingly bad reception to unpatched product that doesn’t at all reflect the actual state of the game on launch day. That reflects how hot the game was coming in, not some nefarious or sinister agenda to mislead customers.

Look how reactionary your comment here is…you instantly run head first into hyperbolic framing and then essentially declare you aren’t here for discussion since nothing could possibly change your mind. /yawn

Yeah, just like every great rpg game. You say this like it’s a problem. The quests and characters and story are all way ahead of the vast majority of what other devs put out. So what’s the problem? The stuff you complain about aren’t even elements of the genre this is in, so I’m not surprised something they didn’t spend a ton of time developing wasn’t amazing. That goes for every other game ever made too.

If you want to mention canned features, go right ahead. Just don’t pretend like they promised all the features ppl rattle off in list wars online because in the majority of cases they did no such thing. My thesis is a ton of gamers got WAY over hyped all on their own here. Ppl heard snippets and let their imagination run wild dreaming up possibilities that were never promised. The game comes out and ppl who overhyped themselves go on the internet to be rage queens and search for ad hoc excuses to trash the game and CDPR. Others join in en masse and it’s a shit party. :slight_smile:

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Tavish the game is unacceptable even if your experience with it is fine but Saying its just the internet pilling up on the game is disingenuous and comes out as defending a corporation that blatantly lied about the state of their product and held it until they couldn’t anymore.


Lmfao I’m just done arguing, fam.

I hope this teaches people to understand when game delays happen i seen both angry joe and legacykillahd give 343i props for not rushing halo infinite out the door when they could of since they did that with master chief collection


In all this debacle, one thing is clear - launching AAA games in this age is hard. The game could sell for more then 10 million and internet will still be divide on the game.

Those who are defending and those who are criticising are rightfully correct in there perspective.

But instead of piling things up we should discuss how this mess could be avoided in future.

I can’t stress out enough how good a subscription service is in this regard.

No pressure to launch the game and make it a big hit. It may also ensure quality release of the game.

Can’t wait for the entire industry to switch to subscription model.

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