Inside Cyberpunk 2077's Disastrous Rollout


A thread of tweets worth checking out too

I am really pissed they lied to everyone in 2018 and released THE FUCKING GAME 2 YEARS EARLY! WTF


WOW! I hadn’t read the article yet but that’s bloody ridiculous. 2022 release would have been feature complete. Just wow.

I enjoyed my playthrough of about 80 hours but just imagine it could have been so much better.


Yep they literally said they will get it done they made witcher 3 exactly what bioware said

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I never thought this game was like 8 years in the making like so many others so the fact development didn’t truly start until 2016 doesn’t surprise me.

I hate articles like this. Anyone can find disgruntled employees and former ones to say stuff, but as usual there are hardly any new or interesting revelations here. It’s all what you’d expect.

And it’s one sided. Doesn’t take into account why things happened or why there was a need to release the game or whatever. It’s almost like Schreier thinks there are unlimited pots of money to make games perfect. A release is always a balance of product quality vs business imperative.

It’s unrealistic and childish to think it’s always all about greed. It’s often that the money runs out after a period of time and the choice is get the game out or lay everybody off. He’d be writing horrible insider pieces in the latter situation too.


That’s your take from this? Not that CD Projekt Red got full of themselves and thought they could get away with it because of the success of 1 game? That they lied to consumers and released a shitty product?


My take is that such hot takes are unhelpful and don’t take a broad account of what really happened into account. It’s just reactionary nonsense. Same as the 343i hatchet jobs. How about looking into why the game had to release in 2020? What were and are the external pressures. People act as though these companies have infinite resources. Perhaps they couldn’t afford literally couldn’t pay for longer dev cycle? I don’t know but whilst clearly their product on last gen consoles was and is an awful one, how does this article really explain why what happened did happen?

It also disregards the fact that they’ve created one of the best examples of the video game medium in decades and perhaps we should be asking broader questions as to whether such projects are sustainable on current models across so many devices…


Just glad this was not a 343 hit piece like some expected after the tease.

So Because CD Projekt Red failed to get the running on multiple devices then we question the whole model the industry has made work for decades? Lots of publishers did crossgen games this year alone and didn’t have these problems so Thats one hell of a take to say we should re-evaluate it all.

Cyberpunk fiasco is a result of hubris from leadership at CD Projekt Red, poor management all around and taking for granted the goodwill they managed to build up. Media is also to blame for making a darlimg out of this studio too which leads to another problem for CD of putting all your eggs in a single basket. Cyberpunk ended up a mess and now they gotta waste a year or two fixing it while working on the online portion + eventually start planning for another game. Now they are in a terrible spot.


This game is in a tricky spot because it still sold well despite the issues, and many enjoyed despite all of the bugs. However I think CD Projekt Red sullied their reputation as a top developer, so some might be hesitant with future purchases. On the contrary i think the popularity of Witcher Netflix series will make people forget about this when it becomes time for Witcher 4. Anyways will be interesting to see what their future holds

I don’t like the word “hitpiece” presenting facts about a situation isn’t a hitpiece.


They could’ve avoided all of this if they just delayed the last gen versions. I loved the game and couldn’t stop playing it. Yes there are bugs but most of them are hilarious, I hardly got anything game breaking. Last gen users for sure have a lot to complain about and it’s fair, but I played on the Series X and it was a complete enjoyable time from start to finish, I’ve almost got 1000/1000GS too.

I’ll probably do another play through when the next gen patch comes out. I would say I hope they learn from this but not many devs do learn from their mistakes honestly.


CDPR absolutely brought this all on themselves and the only people I actually feel bad for are the devs themselves…

You reap what you sew…run your company with insane amounts of hubris and install shitty work practices? Yeah people are gonna rightfully dunk on you when it blows up in your face.


Then the game is still 2 years away. The fact that the NEXT GEN versions wont be ready till late 2021 is another indictment.

Just as I will rightful slam 343 for mismanagement or Bioware or anybody else.

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Like I said, I played from start to finished and didn’t have any real problems graphics or glitch wise. Now my threshold for issues could be higher than most, like I have fallen to my death through the map before but I thought it was hilarious and didn’t get angry or pissed where others would probably get annoyed or even refund the game.

I honestly had no issue with the graphics so the next gen patch coming out late is ok by me, I totally get why people again would be upset by that. What I say to those people is get a refund if you have already bought it and wait for the patch. I am not saying there is no issues and people are being unreasonable, just for me I enjoyed the game and am completely happy with my purchase.

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Thats you and thats fine. I for one want to play the game at its best and that seems to be another whole year away.

I don’t see the difference between waiting till the patch is out and the game being delayed before it launched, either way people were going to wait regardless. Anyway perfect time to tackle a backlog :sweat_smile: