"Increased Resolution UI" will be available for Xbox Insiders later today

I guess it’s a bit sharper. It’s hard to say tbh.

We’ll have to wait for comparison videos to really see it.

Awesome!!! Thanks.

Downloading the update now.

I don’t really see a difference. (Looking at it on my TV)

Yeah I don’t get it… As long as it doesn’t affect anything else negatively I couldn’t care less though.

Probably more noticeable when you get to try it for yourself.

The reason is the style of the UI. All you will get from the higher resolution are sharper fonts and game assets (images, thumbnails).

I also assume the higher res is maybe not native 2160p but a lower native res. We will find out sooner than later.


I don’t see much of a difference with either. I even switched back to 1080p and back to 4k. Its so slight. I mean it’s cool they did it. Shout out to all the eagle eyes out there that were waiting for this.

*Continues being old


I tried one more time, but this time got right up next to the screen. You can definitely tell if you right up to it. Regular sitting distance is basically a wash.


Haha now I can imagine how these people play their games :wink:

Sweet. I’m curious how they did this.

Maybe people will realize now that a higher res dashboard wasn’t that big a deal?


I told Tom Warren this and he rebuked me in a very high tone manner. If it was outright 4K Microsoft would had been clear about it and they were anything but that.

The way MS worded the announcement for the build is so weird that maybe MS is doing tests with different resolutions to find out how it effects stability, responsiveness and memory footprint on a bigger scale. We all shall not forget, higher resolution assets require more bandwidth to download them. We will find out what the actual resolution is sooner than later.

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Like Higher resolution could imply anything from 1081p all the way to 2160p.

yup. and this …

Maybe certain aspects are rendered at what would be 4K while other background stuff is lower, like the popup Guide on the left would be high fidelity. Or could be multistep compositing where individual sections done at higher res then sized into their respective spot to conserve memory footprint.

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I’ve updated the console and I can see the texts and the elements of the UI a little sharper, but it’s not a big deal if that’s it (I’m pretty near to the tv, so I can see every detail).

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I love how it pivots from need higher res to need HDR immediately. It doesn’t need either as most people are on the UI for 15 seconds at a time on average between games and apps :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair I would like HDR so my tv doesnt freak out everytime an HDR game comes on.