Immortals Fenyx Rising

Haven’t seen anyone post any topics about Immortals Fenyx Rising so I decided to create one especially since Ubisoft revealed their post launch plans earlier today.

I was already all in with the base game but after watching the post launch expansion trailer, im all in with the digital gold edition. Looking forward to the game as it will be my BOTW. Hehehe.

World Premiere Trailer -

Overview Trailer -

Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer -

Post Launch Expansion Trailer -

Deep Dive Trailer -

Launch Trailer -

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I really love the look of this. It’s just I’m playing ACV and watch dogs and want cyberpunk…how many can I play…but this looks so much fun.

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Immortals looks great and definitely a lot of fun to play. I have Valhalla and WDL to play too. Cyberpunk though im waiting until the next gen upgrade. Plenty of games to play!!!

I am going to buy it after I beat Cyberpunk in less Cyberpunk get delayed again

Not even thinking about this one until I’m done with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I’m sure I’ll pick it up next year when there’s a discount on the complete edition.

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The game looks and feels and plays amazing. Now they just need to get rid of that mobile free to play game like user interface and we’re gold.

I assume you played the Stadia demo? What’s wrong with the user interface? I watched a walkthrough of the Stadia demo and liked it overall. Is it difficult to navigate?

Same case for me. Dont got time for a third Ubisoft game.

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Wow, that second DLC Myths of The Eastern Realm looks cool. Always down for Asian Mythology stuff. I’m set on buying this game, but idk if I wanna just get the base game and wait for the Season Pass to go on sale, or just get the Ultimate Edition.

I’m absolutely loving AC Valhalla.

With Cyberpunk around the corner, J don’t think I can do 3 giant open world games so close together. So I’ll have to wait til next year and maybe rent it.

I really like the look of this. But with a 6 month old I’m having a hell of a hard time making any real headway in what games I already have.

I bought AC:V and downloaded a bunch of games I want to revist and have maybe 12 hours into AC:V since the Series X launch… lol.

Think this will have to wait for a while.

I keep forgetting this game exists even though it looks pretty cool.

I’m anxiously anticipating Dragon’s Quest in early December followed by Cyberpunk so I don’t see myself picking up this game until next year on sale if it reviews really well.

Looks like we’ll be getting a few weeks of coverage from Game Informer as Immortals Fenyx Rising is on the cover of the current issue.

Exclusive Coverage Trailer -

59 Rapid Fire Questions via Game Informer -

Anyone else play the demo on Stadia? Thought the game was… ok. Combat kinda sucked. But, it had SOME promise. I might pick it up on sale one day. But if its a full priced product, I don’t know.

The game looks good but I’m done paying €70 for games.

Looks like fun. Definitely gonna turn the floating numbers off, though.

Not sure on the combat yet. Looks like a rushed BOTW so I’ll be waiting for reviews to see how it fairs.

There’s nothing wrong with this… but it mostly just makes me wanna play BOTW again. Maybe the greatest game ever made.

For me, it’s the BOTW killer. LOL.


What on Earth…?