Imagine Dragons Release Starfield Single 'Children of the Sky'

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Popular alternative rock band Imagine Dragons released a new single today, in collaboration with Bethesda Softworks for the company’s upcoming RPG ‘Starfield’. Dubbed ‘Children of the Sky’, the song is all about destiny, flight, and new heights.

Take a look at the music video below or click here if you’d like links to listen to the song on your preferred streaming platform. Starfield launches on PC and Xbox consoles on the 6th of September, with early access beginning tomorrow for premium edition buyers.


And people were worried about marketing for Starfield… :smile:

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I actually normally like Imagine Dragons, even if their stuff is a bit samey, but not really a fan of this.

The song does not fit with the game at all. Its a deep game about the universe and exploration and also inner exploration yet the song is as superficial and awful as they come. It could have been written, the lyrics at least by any teenager. Very generic.

There are so many groups, artists and bands who could have done this justice. Even ones that I don’t like I think would have done something much more fitting.

The song’s okay, I guess. A bit boring and dreary, though.

The video, on the other hand, feels a bit amateurish and the whole thing doesn’t fit particularly well together.

The lyric version. Posted on their official channel that has over 30 million subscribers. Lots of heads are tuning.

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The song is OK, though not my favorite. The footage is… trying not to show any spoilers, so it probably isn’t as good as it could be. But it’s still neat to see this.

Also the Bethesda channel has nearly as many views after 4 hours as the imagine dragons video. 100k w/ 15k likes on Bethesda, 104k with 27k likes on Imagine Dragons.

Calling it now, they’ll be performing this song at TGA this December 7th.


You might be right. I’d rather they played just the orchestral theme though. To be honest, radioactive would probably be a good song for this game with lots of footage of you dying in weird ways and maybe flying into the sun.

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Listened to the full 79 song soundtrack yesterday a couple times (it’s on Spotify now in case anyone cares) and while other than the first few songs it mostly just faded into the background of my work I was doing, it was good. Went to bed last night and I had the call/response of the chorus of this song stuck in my head which I hadn’t even heard all day. Guess it was a little catchier than I thought.

Also just noting: After 2 days, the imagine dragons channel copy of this song has 744 k views, 66k likes. And makes you watch ads first.

The Bethesda channel has 554 k views and 39k likes and doesn’t make you watch an ad. Now I get a lot of people are just going to imagine dragons channel, but it surprised me they have a higher percentage of likes. Maybe Bethesda has more repeat watches, but also wondering if imagine dragons fans aren’t getting sucked into the weird hate that certain game fans are giving anything related to this game /Bethesda.

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