If you don't have Gamepass, why not?

There’s no denying the value that Ganepass presents. Not only is it a cheap way to game, but it allows someone who maybe plays on PlayStation to enter the Xbox ecosystem with a ton of games to play without a big outlay.

I personally don’t have Gamepass, and I was wondering the reasons people haven’t yet signed up? For me I like physical discs, and I like the idea of ownership. If I really want a game I will buy it, and as I have so much of a backlog I don’t need to buy the games day one and can get them pretty cheap either second hand or on sale. Here in Australia I can buy the physical disc at JB HiFi for generally a lot lower price than digital.

I have looked over the Gamepass list and there’s not a ton of games I don’t already own, or a I am that interested to play.

What’s some of the reason you haven’t jumped on board, and what would it take to do so?

I am looking at adding two more years to my Xbox Live and upgrading to Game Pass Ultimate for $1. So at the point that I can get it for $1 that might be enough reason to do so.

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I’d be shocked if there’s a single person on this forum who doesn’t have gamepass.


What was the point of that post? In all seriousness, the majority of Xbox players don’t have Gamepass. I am one of them. I don’t have it because I don’t think its good value, but for the reasons I listed. I would actually be interested in seeing why other people haven’t signed up for it yet.

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this. Particularly on PC, there are several storefronts all competing with better deals than one another, be it Steam or EGS, so MS Store and Gamepass isn’t the only option, hence less enticing to have it.

For example, Gamepass has Arkham Knight on console, Epic Store gave me the entire Arkham Trilogy to own FOREVER… FOR FREE, and having played two of those games, Arkham City is one of my favorite games right now. Same with Steam having great regional pricing on big games like FH4 or Gears 5 that cost up to 4 times on MS Store. Having these options make Gamepass PC’s value not as great as it is on console.

from their side, better support on Gamepass PC - hope the Windows store revamp shall make this better in the future. It should no longer be a problem to have parity between the two from a porting standpoint, only thing preventing parity or delaying it should be other deals and contracts, not the fact of needing more money or time for just porting the game to MS Store (case in point Doom Eternal, Control, POE2 Deadfire, Darksiders Genesys, etc)

Also, for the first party games to start rolling, once that happens, all this parity problem won’t be as big because Xbox will no longer be as reliant on third parties as they are right now. So the need for gamepass shall come for me when the big day 1 first party games start launching later this year, that’s when I shall resub to it.

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I keep hearing this “lol how are you not on gamepass already?” “I seriously doubt theres anyone here who doesnt have it.” “If you dont have it, why are you even in the xbox ecosystem anyway?” and I’m tired of it. There are several reasons why, people should stop acting like gamepass is the end all be all of an xbox gamer.


Agreed. Its a good service that will be great for alot of people. It also is good for someone new getting into the Xbox ecosystem and not having to spend thousands on getting a large number of games to play straight away.

But its not the only way to game. The vast majority of gamers don’t have it, and they are doing just fine.

I like to own my games, physical discs if possible, and pick and choose what ones I spend my money on.

I’m sure other people have other reasons, and I would be interested to see what they are.

Based on what I’ve seen from friends, the only reason someone doesn’t subscribe is because they don’t know what it is, or because they think they want to own the games. Both of those are solved within 5min of showing some of the games available on the subscription :stuck_out_tongue:


Its definitely a great start for someone who is just getting into consoles, or the Xbox. I think it will be a winner for Microsoft, and I expect Sony will have to come up with a service of their own to match it.

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Microsoft really needs to create commercials showcasing gamepass. Like they should get commercials ready for major events such as the olympics, superbowl, nba finals, etc.

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Yep. I miss the 360 days where Ms would put tons of ads everywhere. Nowadays they seem almost exclusively focused on social networking

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Oh I forgot to mention, the friends I mentioned played primarily on Pc. And they still subbed.

(Though one of them ended up getting an 1S after subscribing too)

The concept of ownership died for me with Spotify. I have access to millions of Songs everywhere I go on all my devices. I listen a lot to music and honestly couldn’t and didn’t want to affort ownership of all these songs. What did it take from me feeling wise? Nothing to be totally honest! And I understand where you are coming from… I grew up when we used to buy CD’s and it was cool to have the latest LP of your favorite artist but now I am a member of a club. A club that allows me to listen to as much music as I possibly can. That’s substitute enough for me for that feeling. Same goes for me with games and I know it’s more difficult here since you usually don’t buy and play as many games as you might listen to different songs and artists. But there is just too many positive aspects of being a Game Pass member that I couldn’t care less about ownership anymore. I am a huge Halo fan and bought every game but I will play Halo Infinite through Game Pass and I will have the same “access to it” feeling I would have if I bought it. I also just love all the aspects of digital games. No disc’s to change or carry around. Jumping from one game to another especially with quick resume is just to much of a convenience for me to pass on. I think there will always be people buying physical disc’s rather than subscribing to a subscription service or buying digital. But the latest sales figures show that this number is declining and I thing sooner than later Game Pass will be the default option for many. If the 22 million number is true, almost half of all Xbox One users have this subscription already.

Who’s gonna tell the “physical games”-crowd they don’t own their games either?

Anyways, I only know one person who is an Xbox gamer and don’t have Game Pass. They have about 1000 games in their backlog though (over multiple platforms) which they are trying to work through, so I get it :wink:

I have my 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate set up thanks to the $1 conversion promotion. I hope that describing my mindset sheds some light on the question posed by the OP:

When I evaluated whether I should jump on the bandwagon last year, I had a long look at the catalog and decided that it was worth the low buy-in of 150 USD. I figured that works out to about a full-price game a year, which I could live with. I didn’t have an Xbox at the time and I’m not interested in PC gaming. The reasoning was “this crazy conversion deal isn’t going to last forever so I should cash in while I still can” and the plan was “get three years now and get a Series X when it comes out” since I figured at that low a price, I could live with a subscription that brought me no benefit for a full year. If I don’t like it, I can just ignore it and walk away.

I lasted about two months. Found a good deal on a One X and threw the plan out the window. Game Pass has totally changed how I play games and I’ve become a full-on evangelist. I would have been fine with that catalog of January 2020, but it just keeps getting better and better. It’s even gotten my partner to compliment it despite their general Xbox antipathy (small hands and couldn’t shake the dudebro image).

When my One X came, I dropped my Switch (mid-JRPG) and PS4 and haven’t turned them on since. I can’t really emphasize how crazy that is because I play a lot of games and have a massive Switch library. I’m very wary of subscriptions in general and I fully expect the price of GPU to increase but by the time I run out of codes and rewards points, I’ll probably be too hooked to resist paying twenty or twenty-five bucks a month. And that’s exactly what MS wants. They played me like a violin and got me to thank them for it.

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I mean I’m subbed. Currently playing outriders and some retro Battlefield 4 via the service. I ‘owned’ BF4 via disc back in the day before I saw the light and completely abandoned ever buying any physical media. So gamepass is ideal as I can play it for free thanks to EA play incorporation. Oh and also playing Doom Eternal which I missed when it released. There are a ton of games I want to try too.

Later this year Halo Infinite is coming. There are rumours of Forza Horizon 5 too and potentially some BIG third party games launching into GP.

Now IF for example just one of these rumours were true and Halo Infinite and say FH5 launch this year that’s 2 games I’d absolutely want to buy and would buy, but wouldn’t have to. That’s £120 or thereabouts saved for 2 games I’m itching to play. IF by any chance (and I doubt this will happen but still) BF6 launched into GP then that’s 3 of my most wanted games of all time in the service. About £200 saved for a service costing just over £10 a month. I’d say that would not just be value - it would be insanity.

The OP has their reasons which is fine, but I think for most others that don’t have Game Pass yet it may be because they live in a cave :slight_smile:


The ownership aspect of discs is so overstated. Unless Microsoft were to somehow go bankrupt and shut down the servers you’ll always be able to play and download what you have in your library. This isn’t a PlayStation or Nintendo situation where there are legitimate fears that your digital games and storefronts won’t carry over from one console generation to the next.

And many game’s in this current market, even if you own physical require online connectivity to use the game anyways. So if you own Outriders for example, without the servers online you can’t play it whether you have the disc or not.

There will be millions who buy Xbox JUST to play Fortnite, Fifa and CoD. Game pass won’t matter to them, but then again those players would be better off getting a PS5.

Why would they be better off getting a PS5? lol F2P games don’t require Xbox Live anymore, and you get free cloud saves on Xbox. Plus, Series X is a better machine. And Series S is cheaper.

Also, there’s more and more sports games on Game Pass, plus perks.