If Xbox Series S is successful, why would developers bother with Xbox Series X?

If this thing is around 250-300 dollars/euros and takes off, what does this mean for XSX? Basically, if the “lowest common denominator” sells better, there is no incentive for developers to focus on XSX. Remember what happened with Xbox One X? After its first year almost nobody bothered to really optimise their games for it.

This is one of the reasons XSS should not exist. Microsoft should just take the hit and make XSX 400 dollars/euros. It will be a huge shame if this marvel of a console is not used to take games to the next level.

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Lowest common denominator will be PS5, so I am not worried at all about XSX.

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Because the Series S and Series X are rumored to share the same devkit, so it is just a matter of changing the profile, with a set of features through DirectX12 Ultimate that are common for all plateforms, which eases the transition between the two fo them.

Also, according to Tom Warren; the Series X should power the xCloud blades in 2021 ( maybe a bit later because of the Covid ), which can extend the ecosystem and the reach to more gamers for the developers.


Gonna cut through all the usual arguments and statements said and say frankly almost all games this gen besides xbox exclusive ones will be designed around the PS5 first and foremost anyways, any xbox exclusive game will be designed with PC in mind (on the low end and high end).

People are overthinking how much XSS changes anything here on a dev level especially when its gonna have tools placed to accomodate it.

Also no I don’t remember when games stopped getting Xbox X enchanced versions.

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I don’t remember that happening.

Devs have to build their games for different levels of settings anyway. I don’t see the problem.


Because it shows off their game the best…and when you want to market a game, you want it to be the best it can be. You always want to build a good game. The incentive is making a good product.


Sorry but your statement about devs not optimizing for the One X after a year is verifiably false. Shall I post all of the Digital Foundry comparisons or videos from other YouTube channels that do the same? I haven’t checked on your post history but this seems strikingly similar to a “concern” post that we’d see on the other site…


Please flag posts instead of talking about that stuff in the open, we can handle things and let the topic of the thread continue without the nonsense derailing threads. Thanks :slight_smile:.

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By now there are new games that are not even typically enhanced for the X. Some devs dont even bother to up the resolution.

Well, the difference is supposed to be resolution so it shouldn’t be a big issue.


Devs now target high end Pcs and then scale down as almost every 3rd party games ends up on several different platforms with very different specs.

If a game targets a high end PC it will also target a Series X.


Do devs stop making games for the RTX 2080Ti soon as the 3070 comes out? no.

Sorry but what are you talking about? all the main AAA games and even most indie games are made for XB1X, the possible reason why you think this is because it’s not being marketed like it was when the console first came out.

There is a reason why people like us don’t control billion dollar companies, you don’t know a single thing how to launch a console and neither do I. There are smarter people making decisions than you and I so they know what they’re doing.


just checked the most recent xbox releases and found only indie games like windbound, samurai jack, all american racing, skater xl and stranded deep without special x enhancements. For small teams and budgets other tasks have certainly higher priority. The good thing for smaller games going forward with Series S is that Series S has enough power to deliver good visuals even without enhancement. One important point is also the Series devkit is the Series X. So every developer develops on Series X per default.


I’m happy about that last part, because indie games are starting to look better and better and it would be a shame if XSX versions don’t reap those benefits. With One X we’ve sadly had a few really good looking indie titles that weren’t enhanced and suffered from aliasing and low resolutions. I really don’t want a repeat of that. I do understand the concern, the genuine kind of concern, becaude there have been people and reputable sources that shared their doubts about this approach.

Just say you dont know anything about tech


Look at Steam hardware breakdown. Majority use non RTX cards. Yet devs continue to pump out Ray Traces effects and things that would run on high end machines. Same principle really.


I would imagine it will be required for devs to make there games for both versions. Like the 1X + PRO

I’d actually argue that folks show more how much they don’t know anything about business with a lot of these opinions . Whether or not there is actual impact tech wise to some of the plans and decisions of next gen, far too many people think devs and publishers will jump at the chance to screw over a major platform holders next gen plans without notable incentive or compensation to do so.

Microsoft is very clearly pitching this coming gen on power and graphics as much as they ever have . Publishers and devs are as always marketing their latest new games on better graphics and other graphical or performance upgrades .Even if that level of graphics/performance isn’t what the vast majority of buyers will experience. From a business/marketing perspective it’s hard to see why publishers are suddenly gonna skimp on the graphics just cause Series S (not to mention cross gen ) exist .

Any dev making a PC version of their game can accommodate any of the MS next gen consoles.

It is very little bother at all.

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It’s a myth that XSS is a lowest common denominator. It won’t hold anything back. It’s an XSX for 1080p TV’s. Literally nothing more to it than that. It will look nearly identical to an XSX running on a 1080p TV. It’s not designed ‘to be cheap’ so much as to target 1080p TV owners, who happen to be less interested in blowing tons of cash on new entertainment tech in service of pixel fidelity.

Like, you literally won’t be able to tell the difference between XSX and XSS running the game game on a 1080p TV from 6-8 ft away I bet. XSS isn’t targeting 4k sets.