Ideas for future COD games

Now that COD is (Hopefully) free from the yearly release schedule, the teams may be able to make more ambitious and/or experimental games. Game Pass also adds a great platform for unusual ideas. What are your ideas for futures Call of Duty games?

There’s only one correct answer.

Get Raven to make the campaign.

Get the people behind Singularity back.

Call of Duty: Temporal Warfare.

I think a game set in the American Revolution would be really cool. Horses would play a big role in the game, being fully customizable. And a more disorganized, chaotic feel to the game. Call it “Call of Duty: Nation’s Dawn”.

The Korean War, The Civil war The American revolutionary A call of duty game set between china and the japanese in ww2 Other wars people dont talk about like the Rawanda Civil war as well as other African wars. As usual take your time and give good narritives and fans will follow

Call of Duty: Console Warfare.

The Console War has changed.

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CoD doom warfare

Slayers vs demons.

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Let’s get some cross-brand synergy.

Call of Duty: Wasteland Warfare.

War. War never changes

Shit I kind of want this now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is just hacking on a computer via terminal

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I don’t know about a Fallout CoD, but a post apocalyptic one is totally doable.

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I know most people won’t care much for this, but I’d love it if Treyarch gets to make a COD zombies only game.


I actually think a Fallout/Post Apocalypse CoD could totally work.

Call Of Duty: Wastelands?

Holy crap.

Give it a Retro-50’s theme were the bombs were dropped during the Cold War.

Oh man…


Go full alternative history at this point

Call of Duty: Flashpoint has a nice ring if it’s gonna be a “Cold War gone Hot” scenario

A sequel to Infinite Warfare would be nice too… (phil pls)


A sequel for Infinite would be great, that’s up to the devs to decide though.

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343 and halo should be in activision group not xbox studio im sure IW can make halo beside 343 , in the past they tried to make call of duty ryse like game but they cancel it , but call of duty mix with halo universe is possible

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A Fallout x Call of Duty crossover would be amazing lol


Ngnl I kinda wanna see what they would do with more time and resources.

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Steampunk CoD.
Cyberpunk CoD.
Dieselpunk CoD.
PosApoc CoD.
Early Hard SciFi CoD.
Aether Tech magic CoD.