Ideas for future COD games

Sledgehammer goes on to make Call of Warrior, a game that is inspired on different cultures each time, showing their warriors and fighting styles.

Lol just as this topic goes on


Call of Duty : Pre Historic Warfare

I love that idea of having a different iteration of COD every year or other year. Also what’s DieselPunk?

DieselPunk is a futuristic world war 2.

The new Wolfenstein games are like this, FF7 and that Iron Harvest RTS.


The more I think about Call of Duty X Fallout, the more I think it could actually work.

Energy weapons, ballistic weapons, junk launchers, it all just works.

Zombies become Feral Ghouls mode, you could even have a Ghoul in your squad.

Multiple Factions: Enclave, BoS, Minutemen.

You could tell a story about war after the world ends and why still fighting.

Throw in some 50’s music and parody American jingoism during the 50’s and oh baby you got a stew going.

Call of Duty: Wastelands even SOUNDS good.


BIG IRON could even be a multiplayer perk.

Call of Duty : Vietnam Flashback .

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Too far. Just a little bit.

Taking advantage of the fact that Sledgehammer is a studio formed by some members of the Visceral Games studio, developers of Dead Space, I would like a Call of Duty game in the third person, a mission on another planet, with space research bases, something like Dead Space but more based on in reality, with a wide variety of weapons and designs as close to reality.

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A CoD that is based on special forces operations. Delta Force, DEVGRU, Special Boat Service, Special Air Service, Spetsnaz, etc.

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Vietnam, I simply have no attachment to the Modern Warfare stuff, just means zero to me and I know people are sick of WW2 so Vietnam is an era not done to death

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Stay with me here… CoD ala Destiny.

Only kinda joking but I adored Infinite Warfare.

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Call of Duty: Crackdown

Hmm :thinking: I’m intrigued. A COD fantasy setting.

Something along the lines of Counter Strike. Hardcore, one shot one kill etc.

Get rid of all the gimmicks, just pure skill based fps which is what CS is

Isn’t that Hardcore mode Search and Destroy. No radar, no major kill streaks, one shot and round based.

Yup, only build an entire game around it.

Acquire the rights to make games based on the Planet of the Apes IP.

Call of Duty: Gorilla Warfare.


Cancel the series imo. Invest in renewed teams, new ideas and franchises that could spawn the next CoD or two.

Of course I’m kidding, CoD is a money maker, it’d be crazy to cancel it, and that’s why they should do it. Kidding lol… unless? :kombuchamaybe: