I won’t be buying Cyberpunk 2077 at launch

Don’t get me wrong, the game looks absolutely bonkers and it’s shaping to be one of the biggest titles of the upcoming years.

The thing is we won’t get a proper next-gen version till 2021 (confirmed by CDP Red) when CP2077 will use all the power of Series X to deliver stunning visuals, densely populated world, a rock solid frame rate and hopefully little to none loading times.

Anyone with me?


Same, I’ll wait for the Series X patch, we might get a price drop by then. I’ll be busy with Halo Infinite and the other launch titles anyway.


Absolutely not.

I’ll be there day one.

It’s one of the few games in recent memory that basically all of my friends who game are going to be buying. I want to be able to talk with them about it as we all discover different things.

If Witcher 3 is any indication there will be giant expansion packs and I’m sure by then the game will be optimized for next generation.

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I’m buying Cyberpunk 2077 digitally day one but won’t play it until they fully upgrade it for Xbox Series X. CDPR is easily my number one developer. After The Witcher III which is my PS4/Xbox One game of the generation, they’ve earned the full $60 from me and I will buy the expansion pass at full price as well day one. Plus, they release one game every five years give or take so spending the full $60 day one is an even easier decision.

Same here. I’m waiting for a Series X patch before jumping in. Also, being that this is a CDPR game, it will likely see sweeping improvements over the first year.

Yea, I want to play this game day one and have been hanging with it through all the delays but after the last delay I’m only going to play it on Series X, and now come to find out the Next gen enhancements are delayed well I guess I’m just going to wait some more.

I thought this would be the last game I finish on my Xbox One X, but gees ti got delayed so many times that is out the window,

Maybe I’ll boot it up for a few hours but I’m not going to really dive into the game until it gets the real Series X patches.

I really want to play it right away but at the same time i fear it will be a bit buggy at launch. I would also like to have a Series X-version tbh.

My brain tells me to wait for the Series X-version, my heart says day 1… We’ll see.

Getting day one and will just play through it again when the next gen patch hits. The different paths in the game make me want to play it multiple times anyway.

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Yup also waiting on the Series X update, will be well worth it I think.

Besides, with Game Pass my year should be absolutely stacked with quality games on Series X.

Is there any word on mods support for this game on consoles? If not, then I’ll probably play it on pc sometimes in the future with mods.

I’ll purchase day one, whether I’ll play day one is another story, depends if we get a time frame for the series x update.

Don’t want to end up waiting a year XD

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I understand where OP is coming from, but i don’t know if i can wait. Plus i will likely do multiple playthroughs anyway.

I’m under the impression it will still run pretty well on the series X? Smart delivery? Even before the big patch?

Probably, but will miss some serious eye candy.

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Going to be very hard for me to wait. We have no idea how far into 2021 we’ll be until they drop the patch and the XSX version already will have some benefits too right from the get go.

Also, don’t forget you can choose three different styles which probably means vastly different things in the story. This is one to replay at least a second time, maybe even third.

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I will play the game immediatly as nomad and finish the other two stories with the series x enhanced patch. The game is perfectly strucured for this.

I won’t buy it anyway. First person is a non starter for me ,i stopped playing FPS games years ago.

But you’ll probably miss one of the best RPG experiences out there :thinking:

Meh, FPS are just not for me anymore i guess,i stopped playing them years ago. I tried several recently and gave up fast. Just no.

Yes, I will be busy playing all the games I couldn’t on my 1S for awhile. Then when the patch comes out, I will probably buy CyberPunk