I think this past week has shown, despite being third place in terms of console sales, Microsoft is by far the most influential force in gaming and its almost frightening

Lets disregard console sales because whether people want to admit or not they really aren’t as important anymore (still important but not end all be all)

MS has shown that they have the fuck you money and are absolutely willing to use it. MS Financials came out today and they profited 18.8 billion USD which comes out to around 75 billion in PROFIT (not revenue but actual profit) in the fiscal year

MS has now bought 2 major publishers and one of them being arguably the biggest third party publisher in the world aside Netease

MS buying Activision literally knocked off 20+ billion off Sony’s market evaluation and threw the entire company into a panic…so bad that they called Phil immediately to inquire about COD’s future on Playstation

MS buying Activision is also going to dictate what Sony does …MS literally has the power to force its competitors to change the way they conduct their business.

Once MS officially owns Activision they’ll basically own 2/3 of the biggest third party games on Playstation with COD/Minecraft and can at any time take those off Playstation.

If MS does buy Take Two (can’t rule it out anymore) now all a sudden MS has the power to strip Playstation of GTA, Red Dead and all Rockstar and 2K games (except maybe NBA)

Moral of the story, this past week has been almost frightening on how much power MS has to dictate gaming. They’re at a point where Playstation has no choice but to bend the knee and kiss the ring before MS stripes some of the best selling and biggest revenue generators on the platform.

Phil Spencer has become the most powerful person in gaming and at this point it almost feels like Playstation only exist because Microsoft allows them to. You could argue that Playstation can sustain themselves off first party like Nintendo but Playstation first party don’t have anywhere near the clout Nintendo has (freaking Animal Crossing sold 30+ million copies)


People are now starting to realize what happens when Microsoft begins to care about an investment. Hopefully they don’t start to care too much.

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Agreed. Even though Xbox Series X/S will be behind Sony in console sales worldwide, I believe that they “win” back North America this generation and cut the deficit by half in Europe compared to last generation. They also have so much other avenues of revenue and this is before the Activision Blizzard deal gets finalized. Xbox in general is easily in the best place it’s been since Xbox 360 and by the time this generation ends, will surpass that time and have a lot of positivity, momentum and consumer friendly support going into next generation and beyond.

If they make COD exclusive they’re going to clap Playstation hard in North America…if they took Minecraft off Playstation then it’d potentially brutalize Sony in a few other regions too

It’s just hilarious how Playstation’s success is riding off the good will of Microsoft but I genuinely believe Microsoft wants Sony around and Playstation to be healthy. God forbit they collapse and someone like Google or Apple take their place.


yeah, keep the players you know healthy and also keeps the monopoly/antitrust off them too

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If this past week has shown anything, is that even being in a dominant 1st place position in the console space by revenue, Sony will always be treated as the poor victim barely holding on and Xbox will always be treated as the villain when all they’re doing is trying to compete.


Bound to happen with the optics surrounding it lol.

it is basically David vs Goliath in terms of the money they can play around with but who cares, that just means a better experience for us people in the Xbox ecosystem. MS is finally using their big boy money.

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Completely agree. Google though I think is done with gaming. They shutdown their studios for Stadia. I personally don’t even see why they even keep it around knowing that no original exclusive content will ever be on it.

Good idea :+1: image

I’ve been saying that for well over a decade now but never manage to find a suitable replacement.

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its absolutely wild how much has changed from the xbox one era its scary how much microsoft is investing in xbox


Xbox living rent free in this industry

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When half the people calling for regulators and anti trust to do something, they don’t want to make sure the market is competitive. They want Sony to dominate and nothing to change.



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The thing is, a long time ago, the gaming market was held by small(er) company in compare to juggernauts that focus elsewhere. Sony was like the richest one in the game until Microsoft invaded. However, Microsoft wasn’t all in like a serious investment, rather how Google sees it with Stadia in some sense. Therefore, Sony didn’t have to fear them that badly and thus, the competition was like stalemate. Xbox One launch failure and the shake-up within Microsoft could have ended Xbox the way we all know today. Phil Spencer was the right man to step in and convinced Satya, who was new at the time, to give it all for Xbox. Once he was promoted around end of 2017 after proving Xbox is essential, the rest is history.

When they released the video about Microsoft is all in on gaming, something told me this is going to get really serious. By then, I knew Microsoft’s growth history under Satya’s reign, which made the company into 2 trillion dollar company. Even so, maybe the words were just fluff, but I was a bit optimistic. Today, well, no one saw that coming. If making the highest purchase in company’s history doesn’t tell you they weren’t kidding, I don’t know what does.

The scary part is we are witnessing the actual effect of corporate giant going all in. I don’t blame much on Sony on Game Pass, because they can’t really replicate the system. Maybe only for their own games on day one, but if you believe they can for others, be prepared to be disappointed. This is a juggernaut move that they really can do it without harm. Oddly enough, Google could have tried this, but instead play with cloud gaming with games that you can get it elsewhere in native mode. Xbox has a strong history already; all it needed is the push. It finally got it and I got to be honest, I’m very overwhelmed.

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