I think OVERDOSE is a Silent Hill XBOX game

I investigated a bit and found some disturbing details (look at the 3 dots in the “O” of OVERD"O"SE

It is also the symbol of “safeguard” in Silent Hill

But to go even further I found this old Tweet of Hideo Kojima with a Light House T-Shirt.

Which refers to Light House of Silent Hill

We know that Kojima is working with Kim Swift (Portal) on a cloud-based game

When we go to the official account of Silent Hill on Tweeter there are only 25 subscriptions and among these subscriptions we find Phil Spencer, Aaron Greenberg, Major Nelson and the official XBOX account

Something else in my investigations I learned that Stadia has a partnership with Dead by Daylight and Silent Hill when we see the end of the trailer we can see which platform is more highlighted by reading from left to right and Stadia is in front PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo.

Again on this image we see that the title is not centered so it is indeed a provisional name and there is also a Smartphone the Kojima Cloud game should be able to be played everywhere and know our geolocation data (like a Pokémon Go , Ingress, Minecraft Earth…) to impact our gaming experience through weather, weather, time of day…

Kojima had already made a somewhat similar game on Gameboy Advence.

Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand: Had a small peculiarity the cartridge was transparent and contained a solar ray sensor, in this game we played a vampire hunter who had to use the power of the Sun to charge his weapon.

It was therefore necessary to go outside in full sun to become more powerful and progress. It wasn’t a bad idea only when you wanted to play outside in direct sunlight the GBA screen got too dark and the concept didn’t work.

That’s all I had to say do not hesitate to give your opinion we add elements if you have any.


Would certainly be a funny turn of events if it was true but with Sony specifically being mentioned in regards to having some sort of stake in a Silent Hill reboot when it came to recent leaks, I doubt it

I dont doubt Grubb and his info on Kojima making an xbox game though

Fair play for the post! Although I think the Kojima Xbox game is happening, I don’t think this is it. Unless he is utilizing the cloud in some aspect in a horror game.

Is Overdose the one that we had a tweet about yesterday? Where a voice actress from DS will also be in this?

We will see tomorrow

I think this theory should be… Abandoned.


As much as I’d like this to be the case he has been tweeting plenty of things that lead to Sony. My guess this is the PT/SH game for Sony.

I hope I’m wrong but we will see.

Youre strecthing.

The new twitter leaker has liked some tweets proposing the sh link but he has an abandoned cover picture. Would be cool but I think no.

Yes, this is the one. It has Margaret Qualley in it.

I want this abandoned game to die.


“To clear this up - Journo’s are pissed off at the Xbox news breaking and not the Kojima news.

It’s now my understanding journo’s signed NDAs for that. It’s why they’ve covered the Kojima news and not the Xbox news.“

Guys how could I forget that ? :eyes:

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Huh, what Xbox news though?

Game Demos

Some other things to point out:

  1. Kojima pitched his horror game to Stadia as a cloud-powered horror anthology, so it would be multiple small scale experiences. This also gives him freedom to use various actors, themes and experiment with cloud-powered gameplay mechanics to break the 4th wall, as he loves to do. Importantly, VGC reported that one of the 3 new SH games being made was indeed a horror anthology.

  2. KojiPro likely doesn’t have the dev resources to have two projects in full production at the same time, which makes me think they are doing DS2 while Kojima partners with another studio for the anthology project.

  3. Andy Robinson from VGC (who had the scoop on SH news a while back) said Gematsu’s sources were wrong and KojiPro was not making a SH game. He didn’t say Kojima wasn’t directing one, just that it was another prominent Japanese studio making a SH game. We know Bloober is making a SH2 remake as timed PS5 exclusive, and that there is a mainline game supposedly being made as well as the anthology project. Andy was asked who the dev team was and he refused to say, noting that it would spoil the surprise. Given how few options there are in Japan for horror dev teams anymore, this makes me wonder if Mikami isn’t partnering with Kojima to produce it at Tango.

  4. I also think there is some Xbox-Konami thing happening because last year Konami announced they were set to make moves at E3…an E3 that Sony was not participating in but MS was…but they pulled out last minute due to timing issues. If they were working with Sony they wouldn’t be announcing that at an E3-branded event.

  5. I do think Overdose is the Xbox game, even though Grubb seems skeptical about that. Maybe he heard it was Silent Hills so is confused? Not sure, but Kojima himself says he has 2 projects right now. We know 1 is DS2 and the other he says is a smaller project that isn’t a shooter nor open world.

I’m not as convinced about the whole ‘logo isn’t center aligned’ angle, since you also can’t likely fit ‘Silent Hills’ in the space at left to make it aligned center either. Nor do I think that GBA game adds much to your theory since all it really tells us is he wants to use cloud for cool horror experiences, which we already know as he told us that himself in interviews.

I think the 3 circles in the logo thing could be coincidence or it might be a tease. Hard to say with much confidence since it is a simple shape that is commonly used. HOWEVER, there is this (see lower right hand corner):

This is the main thing that has me looking forward to finding out what it is. I will maintain forever that PT was good because it was so short and reigning in his creativity to a bite size chunk was really to its benefit and didnt give it a chance to go off the rails like most of his other stuff (not a huge fan).

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Who the hell cares about that? I mean its news sure buts its not like people will be pissed off they got spoiled of the game demo news. If it comes it comes. Cool. Noone is gonna shout about it.

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God im honestly tired to shit of thia whole kojima horror abandoned whatever shit thats been going on for so long

Announce the damn thing ill play it if it looks good and lets move on

I feel like Kojima is purpusely trying to troll everyone with these shitty little news bites.

NDA is a NDA lol. Regardless of how tame the news might be.