I think Halo Infinite will kill Halo (thoughts)

Yeah, you read that right : I think Halo Infinite is shaping up to be the real Halo killer. It could basically kill all the old Halo games because it will just encompass and surpass them in every way.

(I love doing this. Sorry. Yeah, that’s a positive thread. :grin:)

Plus, it will be the most accessible Halo game. It will be everywhere : every current and last-gen Xbox, PC and Xcloud too, so you’ll be able to play it on your phone even or your tablet !

What I wanted to touch upon is that from what we know and now have tested (a bit), there’s just no way anyone could go back playing the old games and say : “yeah, this is better”. As before, you could genuinely dislike Halo 5 or Halo 4, maybe Reach, but still love the classic gameplay (Halo 1-2-3) which was incomparable. But I’m pretty sure that playing The Master Chief Collection or H5 after Infinite will be a bittersweet experience outside of the campaigns. In my case, I already know it will be. And I thought about that before, saying to myself that I would still play MCC MP from time to time… But not anymore. Not after seeing how well Infinite plays.

I feel like I had a good time replaying all the old games’ MP since 2014 and it was even better since the new updates and graphics patches, but I think it’s time to move on.

Halo Infinite in terms of reach (no pun intended) will be something else. Everyone now know it’s pretty much impossible this game fails, outside of probably servers’ issues. It will be the biggest Halo game to date, with regular updates adding weapons, skins, modes, maps…

People will want to play that instead of old Xbox/360 games, that’s for sure, especially when it’s F2P.

I feel like all the fans are ready to move on. And that’s exciting, although it means MCC MP will be deserted again, even on PC. And that’s good really. It means that MCC has played its role of getting the fans together and celebrate the legacy of the Halo games for a few years. But now it’s time to sunset these MP, as all the content will probably be replicable in Infinite with Forge, if 343industries don’t give it to us in updates. They will surely recycle some content.

I guess I’m excited for what’s to come !

To a bright future for Halo ! To Infinite and beyond !

So what do you think about the future of MCC ? Do you see yourself going back to the old games after Infinite releases ? Is it nostalgia or the promise you made to a girl ? Or is it because you feel there’s not many games that plays like Bungie Halo out there ? Do you think Infinite could take that mantle ?


You got me at first, haha :wink:

I think you are right though, this is the Halo going forward.


Yeah, I guess I’m a bit of a troll. A gentle troll though. You should know me by now. :slight_smile:


Ha, you got me there as well. But you may be right. The Beta felt that good.

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So we had a click baiter all this time huh?

And I agree with you, if they play their cards just right.

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Yeah I have to admit going back to older games after playing this has been rough. I hope 343 can really nail this game so I can put MCC to rest.


138gb just waiting there.


I think the allure for classic Halos won’t fade completely.

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It won’t but it gives me an excuse to save me 150gb.


It’s shaping up really good. They have nailed MP they land well on SP Halo will be back to an Elite franchise

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You got me there for a second after playing through the campaigns again in preparation for infinite im on reach now just finished 3 man it’s so agonizing it feels so slow :joy: I think 343 has done it again with the multiplayer aspect of halo if single player is great as I think it will be halo is back to retake its throne showing others how it’s done especially with their battlepass system which is by far the pro consumer implementation of it im so ready for this game especially after playing the hell out of the flight last weekend

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Haha nice one!

Going by what people here said about the MP beta it sounds this will be really good.

But as someone who really mostly cares about the campaign in Halo…that remains to be seen. I have high hopes of it, but I am not sure what to expect. My hope is 343 delivers a superb campaign. And I definitely believe the campaigns of the older games will always be great.


Yep I’m ready to delete mcc and halo 5 when this launches. I’ve played both to death they have been my main shooters since mcc launched. Spent a good 1.5 years playing a lot of pubg in there and then 6 months of warzone but the last year or so I’ve been back on mcc and 5 again.

If they get fix a couple little issues with the game. It will stand tall next to halo 2/3. If forge is good that could seriously help its longevity. I’m also hoping now that menke is gone they will do a different ranking system than 5’s. It’s a solid ranking system but very uninspiring.

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I’ve tried and honestly, you’re 100% right imho. After a weekend with Infinite, it felt like something was missing from even Halo 2’s MP in MCC.


I 100% agree after playing halo infinite all I can think about is halo infinite. I’ve tried playing other games but I’m just longing to get back into halo infinite right now. Everything about it felt right like 1 part nostalgia and 1 part fresh and modern. November can’t come soon enough


Depends on the Campaign. TThe Multiplayer will be great but its always been great. I’ve seen nothing about the MP to suggest its anything drastically different. Its still Halo with subtle enhancements.

I said this before but Infinites Campaign needs to be what BOTW was to Zelda. None of this 10 hour linear mission structured repetitive shooter with a garbage ass story. Needs to blow us away

I think this will be the case for a lot of gamers who play Halo for various reasons, and I have to state this explicitly because Halo is such a feature-packed and varied game that it means so many different things to different people.

But I do know that my friends and myself, who represent a fraction of a fraction of the Halo playing populace, will still go back to Halo 3 for our 16 players split screen LAN parties.

This is because we play Halo in a fun and semi-competitive fashion, playing Big Team Battle modes with vehicles. We also play Team Rockets. We’re all in our 40s, most of us with families that no longer game frequently, and a good handful of us that don’t play any videogames but who got decent at Halo after hundreds of hours of LAN parties for 20 years (I’ve been organizing these since the release of Halo 1, I used to do Gran Turismo LAN parties before that).

A lot of the mayhem in Halo 3 came from its physics. Explosions would cause people, weapons, and vehicles flying. The vehicles themselves had a detailed set of physics that led to a ton of fun and exciting scenarios. The suspension modeling, the tire slip angles, tire traction and more were fully modelled and created fun Warthogs to drive but also tough to master, leading to a lot of mayhem on the battlefield. When these vehicles were met with explosive attacks or even the gravity hammer they would go flying or spinning, creating more of these mayhem moments.

Ever since the first Infinite teaser it was clear that the vehicle physics were not there and more like a Halo 4’s poor approximation. Halo 4 had cutback physics because at that time the focus were on its stellar graphics (which I would argue is one of the best looking games of that generation). The Infinite gameplay demo also demonstrated these simplified physics on the Warthog. (Now it is entirely possible that the physics are not simplified and they’ve changed everything to make the controls a bit more snappy but I personally am guessing that’s not the case because of the Infinite nades + Spnkr.)

Halo 4 split screen had its problems but it was clear that the gameplay was marred by these physics limitations. In Halo 3 the explosion of a grenade or rocket would deflect a rocket flying through the air. In Halo 4 this disappeared under the modified physics. Halo Infinite has the same simplified physics likely because it’s trying to render some great visuals on a Jaguar processor. I did try the grenade / rocket test and just like Halo 4 it doesn’t seem to have any effect. And as you’ve noticed while using the Spnkr in Bazaar and the training grounds, there is very little explosive force when the resulting explosion, and where the physical forces seem very simple. You can even try a rocket jump yourself and notice that so nowhere close to what happens in Halo 3. So I doubt that a rocket fired on a vehicle will move it that much, in Infinite. It might rock it but not send it through the air never mind feature the complex physics that would cause it to spin.

If you’re playing competitively you won’t mind because you’re not jumping into a Warthog with friends opening yourself up to a rocket attack. That’s just bad strategy. But when we play, we do whatever seems fun regardless of how bad of a strategy it is. If four of us are packed into a Warthog in Rat’s Nest and we see someone in front of us with a gravity hammer we’re going to try to run them over and no one is going to bail. At that point it’s a game of chicken and that’s what matters most, not the resulting score. So we don’t play like most people play Halo.

There’s no other game that does what Halo 3 Big Team Battle does with all of this mayhem and fun chaos. And yes I’m including Halo Infinite in that as I don’t think it will.

And I think that’s ok. That’s why MCC exists. If I want Halo 3 BTB craziness, I’ll play that. If I want something tuned to be more competitive and more predictable/simplified, I’ll play Infinite.

When I say “simplified” I do mean that. When we play rockets in Halo 3 there are instances where a well-placed grenade, another rocket fired, or a rocket defensively fired would deflect a perfectly aimed shot. And a part of you would be choked that your perfectly placed rocket shot didn’t hit its target and was deflected to the sky. But you accepted as part of the chaos and mayhem of the mode. But in games like Halo 4, and now Halo Infinite, competitive gamers want to see that perfectly aimed shot through regardless of the chaos around them. A grenade explosion that deflected the rocket would piss off a competitive gamer who wants to be rewarded for their skill.

I know this is getting a bit long but I did want to explain in detail why chaos is good and how it is part of our enjoyment of Halo 3 BTB. That a detailed, robust, and complex physics system adds to the gameplay and fun. And that this is something we won’t see in Infinite so we can safely say that Infinite will not replace Halo 3 (or Halo 2 or Reach, both games that retained also featured great physics) for us.

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I disagree, Halo 5 MP was the best multiplayer I’ve ever felt and played. It appears to be better than what I’ve watched of infinite.

Remember, people’s complaints about H5 was the single player & storyline, not the H5 movement and multiplayer

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I get your point on an objective level, but there is too much nostalgia and zeitgeist around the early days of Halo that I feel it is literally impossible to top. Halo infinite could cure cancer and it still wouldn’t be better than early Halo to many.


Which is absolutely ridiculous