I think Halo Infinite will kill Halo (thoughts)

Yeh totally, but it’s not just a Halo thing, people just feel very strongly about things they grew up with. Especially because those games were and still are near-masterpieces, it doesn’t shock me that they simply can’t be topped for a lot of people; whether they realise that or not.

For as good as H5 online felt the maps are some of the worst things in any Halo due to having to compensate ironically for the good movement system.

Yes, offcourse

Because I am gonna play it via Gamepass :relaxed:

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Halo 5 was great but infinite feels not just great but also ‘Halo’. It’s going to be a smash.

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If halo 5’s multiplayer was as well received as halo 3 than it would have been immensely more popular. Halo 3 was one of the top played games on Xbox for 5 years. Halo 5 was one of the top played games for only a few months.

Btw I liked the multiplayer a lot(but was not on 2 or 3’s level).

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You’ll be able to drive warthogs into gravity hammers in Infinite, don’t worry.


-Insert ordering something from Wish vs what you get from Wish meme here-


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Big Sean Omg GIF

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Agree, just remembered when I launched the technical preview & staring at the screen like this…

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I’m working my way through the Master Chief saga campaign playlist right now (just started Halo 3) expecting to finish well before Infinite. The MCC has been my go to multiplayer game for the last three years and I fully expect Infinite to take that spot. I’ll admit it’s a little sad to think about because the MCC still holds up and also gives me those fuzzy nostalgia feels BUT I’m all aboard for pushing the franchise forward. Everything about the technical preview felt great to me. I am so excited for the future of Halo and for it to have it’s time back in the spotlight.

Halo Infinite is going to be huge.

Side note: Can’t wait to get a few classic maps running on the new engine

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I get how you feel. The old Halo games will always have that special place in my heart too. Each one feels different enough, so you could still play them for a long long time. And this kind of longevity is pretty rare for 3D games. So obviously, you and your friends are not wrong if you continue playing Halo 3, because this game will never stop to be fun. That’s the beauty of this 2007 masterpiece !

What I was trying to say is that most people will stop playing MCC and move to Infinite because it will offer something fresh, while retaining almost all of the old Halo goodness.

It was a tech test so obviously, physics systems and collisions were simplified/not final I guess, but for me it was already an improvement for some of the insane stuff you could do with the skewer, the Spankr, the grapple shot and grenades. I got a rocket devitated by a grenade blast and that was neat !

This guy also found some great attention to detail that wasn’t possible in the old games :

And he has another analysis video for the Tech test where he’s a bit more skeptical with all the missing stuff :


But I think they could still improve some of the values for objects, so it’s WIP still. And last-gen being tied to 30 FPS is a good sign for some improved physics systems.

Still, Halo Infinite is not just physics, it’s a giant sandbox with 12v12 BTB and arenas with new weapons and systems. That is an improvement over every of the other games. Even the weapons balancing is already great in that tech test. Every weapon has its place, even the needler (one of the most useless weapon in Halo) is awesome now.

It’s a new game, new engine, new weapons, new sandbox. I think there will still be stuff missing, but it’s off to a great start and will please the old fans and the newbies. That’s really what this game needed to do and they already achieved that.

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??? The Needler a top 5 halo gun ever

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Great thread and great post - except for the fact that I love the Needler lol


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Sorry guys, I never pick-up the needler. :laughing: Only if I have nothing left to shoot with or want to have some fun. I know it’s powerful, but most of the time, you’d better get an AR or a SMG/pistol.

In Halo Infinite though, I think the needler is considered a power weapon, so you can only have one on the map at a time and it’s really good.

I get what you mean, and one thing is for sure, it’s going to be a great game and a great Halo game.

My LAN crew will give it a fair shot, regardless. Take my response as being a love letter to the whole idea of MCC as much as it is stating that Infinite may not replace some old Halo games for us.

I will check out those videos later tonight, thank you so much for sharing that. I’ll share that with others in my crew who share my opinions. Good finds!

Also to be clear, LAN gaming aside, Infinite will be my jam this Fall. I’m going to stop playing the other 2 GaaS FPSs I regularly play and will be all in on Infinite.

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