How popular is xCloud really? Do members here even use it?

Personally I love using xcloud, and my game time is evenly split with console/PC and xcloud since I got my kishi for my phone. I feel 0 lag on my home wifi or over 5g, it’s crazy. I can play ranked Halo infinite over xcloud while winning!

I do worry however on the future for xcloud. It must cost MS lots to have all these “blades” for xcloud.

I suspect xcloud is popular in countries like Brazil where consoles are so expensive, but I wonder how many monthly active users it actually gets in places like USA.

I also wish we could play any game we own via xcloud, but i imagine this will be added in future.

It’s also odd as it seems like it isn’t really marketed. I would have thought there would be a big marketing campaign around the Halo infinite/Forza launches, telling gamers on other platforms that they can play these for $1 via cloud gaming.

I 100% play Forza Horizon 5 on xcloud, I boot it up everyday and it feels native for me. MS aren’t marketing it right now so I wouldn’t expect them to expect tons of users and the cost of it isn’t really a big deal to MS it’s just the cost of the hardware that’s the most then it’s just running costs and they won’t be running if no one is using it.

It’s apparently big in South Korea so there’s that.

Yeah, I use it. But the pandemic has limited it’s use for me. Haven’t had many nights away where I could play.

Never used it outside the house, and even then it was just to try it a couple of times. Though I’ve never been a big mobile gamer so I’d never expected to.

Can see me using it more when more series games start being released, I’m still on a one X at the moment so that’s the only way I can play them. I do love the idea of never having to buy another console though, it’ll come good in years but it does need a big marketing push. Probably when it’s out of beta

Pretty sure it’s out of beta now. It’s no longer a separate app, it’s in the GamePass app on mobile now.

It is great not having to download games just to get the Microsoft Rewards points :medal_sports: Would definitely use it more in the future if Xbox were to release a dedicated handheld device. Something better than a mobile device but not as expensive as a Steam Deck.


You mean a handheld device that is just a screen and needs internet to function ?

I could see something like that happening… Phones are good but the aspect ratio is off and puts black bars.

I’d buy a dedicated xcloud handheld with a screen that is the correct aspect ratio for games.

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I don’t really use it that much. I was surprised how fast the games started up after the Series X update though. I might use it more if it had Flight Sim, since I have nothing to play it on.

I use it from time to time. Mostly to give games a quick try before I download, but I used it for the first time to properly play over Christmas when I was visiting the in-laws. I imagine once the pandemic winds down and things start returning to normal I’ll end up using it more and more.

It’s still in beta. Once it’s properly rolled out I suspect we’ll see a bigger push.

i would use it if it came to my country already but alas

i use it everytime i’m away from home for longer periods of time and i want to play game that don’t run well on my laptop of have ridiculous amounts of storage requirements. Its also useful for Rewards quests.

I use it all the time for the game pass reward points

Means I dont have to download 50gb games just to do something simple but as for using it properly, not, the artifacts make it almost impossible to know what happening on the screen

I use it semi-regularly. It’s great for vacations, I can maintain my achievement streak without having to lug a console around. :smiley: :achievement:

I think Microsoft has cleverly positioned it as a supplement/bonus to the console experience. If it was the “main event” or the only option, it would be subject to a lot more criticism like we’re currently seeing with Kingdom Hearts on Switch.

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I do use local Console Streaming

I hope we can get touch control option on it as well

I have used it a few times at work as a test but I dont really need it on daily basis. Its kinda fun to play some Killer Instict on it, surprisngly it works better that something like Forza wich doesnt need as many inputs.

I would like to use it constantly but still XCloud not available yet in a lot of world wide markets one of them our market.

Yeah, like a lot of people I’m just not leaving the house very much lately. When things get better, I’ll get myself a Kishi or something and play where there’s WiFi since I don’t have unlimited data. It’s cool though, and I’m glad they’re working on it.

I used it to test it out a couple times. Generally, pretty cool.

I just don’t really have a use case for it currently.

Usually I used Xcloud to test games out before I download them.

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I use it on my android a decent amount. Though not everything translates well to playing on a phone. Mostly I end up playing games like Hades, turn based games or the many card type games they have on the service (Monster Train, Slay the Spire etc).