How popular is xCloud really? Do members here even use it?

Plenty of people use it, but it’s still in the beta phase right now.

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I’ve tried it, it worked ok but I don’t have much use for it.

Gaming for me is something I set aside time for, with as little disturbances as possible, big screens, high quality etc. Playing on a phone or other handhelds is not for me.

not for me

I use it a lot nowadays. Played through The Gunk, The Forgotten City, EXO One, Bridge Constructor Portal just in the last month. It is changing how I view Game Pass too, since there is zero commitment even to download anything so I can try stuff I otherwise would likely skip by. It isn’t perfect for sure (yet) but it really is great for me.

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I use it sometimes, mostly for showing games to friends, not really my focus.

You cant stream 360 games via remote play, and for me it only runs at 30fps

It works really well on my Series X. I actually use it to try out Game Pass games to see if I’m going to like them. If I do I’ll download the game.

I also use it on my phone with my Razer Kishi.

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When I was at my friend’s house to “celebrate” the acquisition news, his girlfriend wanted to play, but TV was already occupied with four people and my friend was using PC to play. Then we remember we have a free month Game Pass from Trolli and used it for her. She start playing on her phone and that day was just old school fun. Phil really thought this through. God bless him.

I use it on my Series X to try gamepass games before I download it. If I don’t like the game then it saved me time and effort.

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Yeah, I use it all the time. Owner of a Series S and Forza takes up to much space, so dipping in and out of Forza Horizon 5 and 4 has been possible basically only because of Xcloud on the console.

I use it all the time on my phone and my laptop too - it’s like having a Switch in that I can just… switch between them seamlessly. It’s great. I have 5G so it normally gets used for that - and EE have given me unlimited data, so it’s a no brainer.

Honestly, it’s the key reason I chose to get an Xbox - Gamepass and cloud gaming all rolled in one? Brilliant.

I currently use it to try out games I’m not too sure of. And if I’m away from the console, like during Christmas, it was a decent solution for when I had a couple empty hours.

Before I got the Series X I used it all the time on my One S, as the game would perform better. I can put up with video compression in exchange for shorter load times and better frame rate.

I use it when I visit my parents our the parents of my girlfriend, for on the go the data requirement are too expensive in Germany.

No plans without data limits in Germany?

there are but expensive, not worth for me

Yeah, to be fair my phone plan with T-Mobile is also quite expensive. I pay €30 for an unlimited* plan.

and thats like 10 mbit/s which is the minumum for xcloud

This is prob. the cheapest with decent speed

As of now switch is more than enough for the time

Seems pretty similar to my plan tbh

this is without a phone tho

Same for me. So, I don’t think there are that many differences. And so far my experience with xCloud have been pretty good on 5G. It doesn’t beat cable, but it performs quite well.

With 4G xCloud was quite unusable for me.