How far are we from Forza Horizon 5?

The latest Forza game was released in 2018 and it seems that neither this fall we will be racing in our favourite racing series. The lack of gameplay of the new Forza Motorsport was really underwhelming, Turn 10 is taking a lot of time to ensure quality and enhancing ForzaTech. With no release window in sight, we can only speculate about Forza Motorsport’s release date. With that said, when do you think we will be playing the new Horizon? I’ve completed Forza Horizon 4 at 100%, both base game and DLCs and it really annoys me knowing that I will have to wait maybe 2 or more years to get hands on the fifth entrance. Any hope we can see something by the next summer?

I spent hundreds of hours between 3 and 4 alone, but I hope that we are FAR away from it. 3 and 4 practically perfected this formula, to an extent that another iterative improvement would no longer feel as mindblowing probably. I hope they take a couple years to deliver a giant evolution for the series, on top of it being an incredible technical showcase with, at the very least, 4K/60fps/RT.


I could agree with you but I simply need more. They took 2 years to deliver Horizon 4, which had a lot of good improvements and new features. I have full trust on them but I can’t stand waiting another 2 years to get my hands on it

I would expect it in 2021/2022 at this point, but I would not mind waiting longer, although it would be painful indeed. My hunch is that they want to do their “Forza Horizon Infinite”, a game where they can keep on adding tracks, map parts, story beats, cars, events, seasons and more for various years, instead of following up with a FH6 after 2-3 years.



Depends on the next Forza Motorsport really. I would expect FH5 to be 2022 along with Fable.

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Is the next Forza Motorsport coming out next year? If yes, then I could imagine that we see Horizon out the next year.

Microsoft said it’s early in development, so even 2022 might be pushing it too far. 2023-2024 seems more likely, in which case it’s like Horizon comes before Motorsport this time.

I would want a next gen only version of FH5 so would that be possible next fall or too early?

I cannot see it. They are working on the same engine and I would assume that there is a lot that is shared.

We expect Microsoft to have most first parties be cross-gen for about a year, maybe a bit more. A late 2022 game would probably be next-gen exclusive. A 2021 game not necessarily.

I think and honestly hope that next year is the least we see of cross gen gaming. Anything that is releasing next year is already way too deep in development to change anything in a meaningful way, anything that is over a year out though ought to discard Jaguar.

It should be 2021!!!

What have trun10 been doing??

Turn 10 taking their time is something that should be for the better. I hope that the next game they put out has more sim related stuff and a lot more variation. I am talking about tyre wear that is simulated according to driving style, real time weather across all tracks, dynamic day and night cycles on all tracks, a fuel strategy system.

Just push the envelope when it comes to simulation and push things that have not been possible in what has always been a two year gap in the series.

Forza Horizon is being done by Playground who are also working on Fable. Turn 10 is doing Forza Motorsport and they’re early in development.

I’ve seen a lot of people mention dynamic day/night be very important, but I don’t understand why. Now I do get it is nice for endurance (24hr) races but I always felt those were somewhat niche. Do people really do a real 24hrs in racing games? I mean enough such that the day/night cycle is important? For most people they are doing short races, I doubt many people will get into multiple hours for a single race. This thought also applies to dynamic weather. How often should a race to change between rain and clear during an actual race?

Don’t get me wrong it would be a neat feature but I am not sure it is worth the effort if one is going for true realism, where you wouldn’t see these features in the short races. I’d even wager most people would turn the feature off just for consistency.

It could be tied to the race percentage length. The first GRID had the 24 Hours of Le Mans but every minute was second. I’d not play 24 hours on the same track but I’d happily do a 2-4 hours endurance race in which the lights change as if they were 24 hours. Different temperature, different visibility, different tyre usage. It’s a dope experience.

Yeah that would work, but I feel that is something you’d do in more of an arcade-style racer. If we are talking about a true sim then the time should be as close to real life as possible.

The fact that Forza Motorsport is still considered “early development” really makes you think that for the past 3 years Turn 10 was focused mostly on ForzaTech. Without that there couldn’t be Horizon 5

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As long as it’s optional, I see no downside to having such an option. In Forza Motorsport 7 I play with long races because I enjoy the attrition, the precision and concentration required and the evolution of a race, even though there’s not enough change in AI behaviour, tyre management, fuel difference, etc. for it to matter in most races.

Now, if the next Forza Motorsport allowed people to race with hours long endurance races with optional increased time, tyre wear, fuel usage, etc… that would be a lot of fun.